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The foreign policy of Sinope is based on its identity as a sovereign nation in Western Althena and its membership through international organisations. As such its primary foreign policy focus is on its relations with other nations as a sovereign independent nation. Sinope has long had good relations with other nations.

Central Althena

Country Formal Relations Began Notes
 Abbasid 1934 See Sinope-Abbasid relations

Sinope holds the largest Abbasidi ethnic community outside of Abbasid in Adonia. Abbasid is also Sinope's largest trading partner in the Kabier world. Recently, relations have been slightly strained due to human rights abuses in the Kabier world. In 2013, Abbasid joined forces with Sinope as part of the Coalition Forces to resolve the Bergen Wars.

 Asmiriva 1961 See Sinope-Asmiriva relations

Sinope was the first Western country to recognise the Confederation of Asmiriva. Sinope has a productive trade balance with Asmiriva. The two governments signed a document to bolster cooperation in Baotou in January 2005. President Batmönkh called relations "firm and progressive" over the past five decades.

Eastern Althena

Country Formal Relations Began Notes
 Okaiken 1934 See Sanese-Sinope relations

Regular meetings between the two countries have led to several cooperations. In 2013, Doge Diogenes and Prime Minister Toshiro Kurosawa agreed upon co-operations in the assistance for reconstruction of Bergenstein, the promotion of economic exchange activities, youth and sports exchanges as well as exchanges and cooperation in science, technology and academic fields. Both nations were Imperial allies during the Great Adonian War.

Template:Country data Peilan 1961 See Sinope-Peilan relations
  • Sinope has an embassy in ??? and consulates in ???, and ???
  • The ROP has an embassy in Braavos and consulates in Lyr, and Tyr

There is a large Peilanese community in Sinope part of the Peilanese diaspora. Peilan-Sinope relations date back to the Antiquity along the silk road. Recently, with Sinope's recognition of the People's Republic of Peilan, relations have downgraded.

Template:Country data PRP 1961 See Sinope-PRP relations

Sinope was one of the first Western country to recognise the People's Republic of Peilan. Sinope has maintained consistently cordial relations with the PRP, in spite of considerable pressure from Okaiken and the Republic of Peilan.

Western Althena

Country Formal Relations Began Notes
 Bergenstein 1855 See Sinope-Bergen relations

Since 2013, Sinope has had an embargo on trade with Bergenstein. Bergenstein has the lowest number of diplomatic points allocated to a country in bilateral relations by the Sinopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lower than Calibria which has held this position for most of Sinope's history. With the recent Bergen Wars and the subsequent Operation Last Christmas, relations between the two countries are expected to be re-established and improved with the formation of a new democratic Bergen government.

 Bruellen 1240 See Sinope-Bruellen relations

Both countries enjoy friendly relations and were members of the Imperials during the Great Adonian War and are full members of the Alcadean Union.

 Calibria 612 See Sinope-Calibria relations
 Relastovan Federation 1962 See Sinope-Relastova relations

Relastova and Sinope are each other's largest trading partners and are both members of the Alcadean Union, were allies during the Great Adonian War and share historical and cultural roots.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
23x15px New Terrance 1910 See Sinope-New Terrance relations
 Septentria 1952 See Sinope-Septentria relations
  • Sinope has an embassy in Evelyn and a consulate in Amand
  • Septentria has an embassy in Braavos and a consulate in Tyr

Septentria and Sinope maintain excellent relations covering the full range of activities, both on a governmental level as well as in the private sector. President Köhler met with Doge Diogenes during a working visit to Sinope in July 2003. Relations were considerably strengthened after the State Visit by Doge Diogenes to Septentria, in March 2006. Sinope is one of Septentria’s leading trading partners. Septentria's main exports to Sinope are raw materials, machines, non-electrical appliances, agricultural products, granite and wool, while Septentrian imports from Sinope consist mainly of machine tools, vehicles, office and other electronic equipment, industrial machinery and telecommunications equipment.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
 Acadia 1780 See Sinope-Acadian relations
  • Sinope has an embassy in Troy and consulates in Charles, Davis, Ellsburgh, Genoa, Highland, Hudson, and New Stretton
  • Acadia has an embassy in Braavos and consulates in Lindos, Myr, and Tyr

Political relations between Sinope and Acadia began in the late 18th century when Sinope was one of the first Althenan nation to recognise the newly independent states and support its independence against Trentannia, but had slight importance and aroused little controversy until the Great Adonian War and the Fraesian conflict. An era of close alliance between Doge Theon and the Acadian government was followed by a dramatic reversal and hostility between the two countries in the midst of the Great Adonian War. Both countries are today members of the United Sovereign Nations of the World. Opinions differ over what has caused the decades of poor relations. Explanations offered include everything from the "natural and unavoidable" conflict between the Sinopian democracy on the one hand, and Acadian arrogance and desire for global dictatorship and hegemony on the other. Doge Diogenes has recently called Acadia a "threat to Adonian security".

 Folland 1742 See Sinope-Folland relations
  • Sinope has an embassy in Hinali
  • Folland has an embassy in Braavos

Sinope severed all diplomatic ties with Folland in regard to the 2013 Folland military coup d'état and the Follandian illegal invasion of Freasia, part of the Fraesian conflict. Doge Diogenes called Folland a "rogue state" and its government an "illegal regime".

Template:Country data Fraesia 1843 See Sinope-Fraesia relations

Sinope supports Fraesia in the Fraesian conflict which opposes Fraesia to neo-imperialist Euphemian countries like Acadia and Folland. During the Dead War, Sinope condemned both sides, especially the Fraesian and Acadian violations of international law.

 Kuyrut 1685 See Sinope-Kuyrut relations

As of 2013, Sinope supports Kuyrut's claims over Brennsland and Kuyrut supports Sinope's claims over Kariko, mutual dispute supports that helped strengthen relations between the two countries. Kuyrut is also Sinope's third largest trading partner in Euphemia and a fellow USNW member state.

23x15px Oxacmela 1806 See Sinope-Oxacmela relations

Despite the fact that historic ties between the two nations have been coldly dormant, relations between Sinope and Oxacmela have positively changed in recent years; Oxacmela is Sinope's second largest trading partner in Euphemia.

 Shayden 1780 See Sinope-Shayden relations

Relations between Shayden and Sinope are active and cordial. Mutual visits by high-level officials are conducted on a regular basis and bilateral contact at the cabinet level is active. Sinope and Shayden co-operate closely on some issues (such as the supremacy of international law) but differ on others (such as the Kariko conflict, the Fraesian conflict, and a number of trade issues). Differences are discussed frankly. The largest current fallout between Shayden and Sinope was the Great Adonian War.


Country Formal Relations Began Notes
Template:Country data Balisca 1803 See Sinope-Balisca relations

Balisca remains as Sinope's most important trading and military allies in Itzamna, making a strong bond in the bilateral relations between the two nations. Doge Diogenes and President Brach de Nelson are also personal friends. Far-left commentators have called the Sinope-Balisca relations as a "fascist friendship".