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La Grande Baie des Inalis
—  Metropolis  —
Motto: Center of the Fur Trade
Foundation 1602
Sovereignty. 1771
Founder Trentannia
 • Type Federal District
 • Prime Minister Andella Panin
 • Mayor of Hinali Audri Fay
Population (2012)
 • Total 1,208,318
Demonym Hinalan
Time zone AUT (UTC-8)

The Capital City Hinali of Folland, Hinali City, or just Hinali is the capital city of the Follandan Republic, the Provincial capital of the West Territories, and the Financial capital of Folland. Receiving it's modern day name from the original settled Euphemian Inalis Tribe, Hinali was officially founded by Trents on the "Great Bay of the Inalis" as Fort Inali, a modest trading and shipping fort overseen by the Mervegian Crown, however the area had already been previously settled loosely by Mervegian settlers living amongst the Inalis tribesmen. Fort Inali provided Mervey and the rest of West Althena with a rough but lucrative Fur Trade, and as the settlement grew to accommodate more settlers, the town of Hinali was established. Hinali is one of the largest cities in the Follandan Republic and sits on the end of the Inalis Bay between it and the western slopes of the Lovise Mountains. Hinali also resides just directly north of the border between the West Territories and Unoguut Provinces.


As with many other newborn colonies in the New World, Hinali, then known as Fort Inalis, struggled to maintain itself in an unknown land far from it's benefactory nation in West Althena. To make it worse Fort Inalis was situated in a region of the Folland Territory far south of the rich agricultural lands of Shayden, making the Summers wet and the Winters hard. Many crops failed due to the harsh cold or snap freezes experienced. If it weren't for the Fur Trade For Inalis might have failed and ceased to exist.


At the Trents' arrival in 1602, they were surprised to find Natives speaking Mervegian. They found a wide range of Mervegian settlers and villages in Okanamapil, Gilbertson, Unoguut and especially Kristin. The Trents established their first settlement in the territory of Folland on the grounds of modern-day Hinali, which was occupied by a local tribe called Inali, hence the city's name. Signing a treaty of exchanges and peace with the Inali tribe, the Trents managed to settle and build a permanent commercial fort. Living conditions are rough and winters are cold, blocking the arrival of settlers from Western Althena, forcing the Trents to prioritize settlement in Shayden for agriculture purposes.

Early Years

Great Adonian War

When the war came to a close, Folland remained untouched. Whatever a toll the halt in the economy caused, was quickly mended and expanded on when the extreme demand for construction materials skyrocketed. Hinali was once again a lead exporter while the world began to rebuild.


The years following the G.A.W., thousands upon thousands of people immigrated to Folland, to seek a new life away from the destruction left by the war. Most came to Hinali. A new land with financial success, the population grew exponentially. The land cleared from logging was taken over by housing, roads and businesses. Hinali were to become Folland's most populous city.


Today, Hinali is one of Folland's largest cities, Folland's Financial Capital, and the Federal Government Capital of the country.