Operation Last Christmas

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Operation Last Christmas
Part of Bergen Wars
Last Christmas Montage.png
Clockwise: Sinopean Parade, 2nd Schwieseter Cycle Regiment, Bruellan Infantry, Mervian Patrol Boat, Etruscan Scouts, Abbasidi Aircraft
Date Novenber 16th - ???
Location Bergenstein
Status Resolved
Template:Country data Bergen Coalition

Template:Country data al-Sawra
Template:Country data AVA Loyalist AVA
Template:Country data TPF

Allied Coalition:

Diplomatic Support:

Commanders and leaders
Template:Country data Bergen Coalition High King Gottenburg

Template:Country data Bergen Coalition Fritz Anglant
Esdaad Insert Esdaad Leader

 Sinope Doge Diogenes

Insulo Gisela Batista Mota
23x15px Pieter Vreede
Abbasid King Hamad
Abbasid Sameer Al-Galan
Template:Country data Brullen Audric Hochstetler

Okaiken Toshiro Kurosawa
Kwangju Lee Soo-man