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State of Esdaad
Dawlat Esdaad
Motto: "لمحبة الله"
Anthem: "هيام تسريح العباسي"
CapitalKhalifji (proclaimed)
Sidayrah (administrative)
Largest city Khalifji (de jura)
Mubarak (de facto)
Official languages Kabier
Demonym Esdaadi
Government De jure parliamentary democracy operating de facto as a semi-presidential system
 -  President Benyamin Ikram
 -  Prime Minister Nasser Ashrawi
Legislature National Assembly
Sovereignty disputed with Abbasid
 -  Declared Independence March 23, 1953 (1953-03-023) 
 -  Lindos Accords August 5, 1992 (1992-08-05) 
 -  2,149,690 km2
870,000 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 0.7
 -  2013 estimate 6,702,390
 -  2010 census 6,689,241
HDI (2012).649
Currency Esdaadi Diyar (EDR)
Drives on the right
Calling code +980
Internet TLD .es

Esdaad, officially the State of Esdaad (Kabier: دولة فلسطين‎ Dawlat Esdaad), is a state in Central Althena that declared independence on 23 March 1953 by the Esdaadi Liberation Organisation (ELO). In 1991, the ELO was forced into exile by the terrorist group Al-Sawra, which still firmly controls Esdaad. The ELO was then renamed the Esdaadi Authority (EA) in an attempt to restart peace talks with Abbasid and reconciliation with Al-Sawra. The Esdaadi Authority claims sovereignty over the Esdaadi Territories, including the emirate of Khalifji, which it has designated as its capital, and all land currently controlled by Al-Sawra. Most of the areas claimed for the Esdaad have been occupied by Abbasid since the ousting of the ELO, and has suspended peace talks until the Esdaadi Authority regains control from Al-Sawra. The Esdaadi Authority now maintains administration over limited areas. In 1992 Abbasid recognized the Esdaddi Authority as the sole legitimate representative of the Esdaadi people.


International Recognition

Esdaad was recognized as an legitimate nation by the USN in 1961, and gained a seat in the General Assembly later that year. As a result, international recognition of Esdaad rapidly expanded, from 32 in 1953, to 98 in 1962. This caused outrage within Abbasid, which threatened to void the 1960 Armistice between Abbasid and Esdaad. The outbreak of the Esdaadi Civil War in 1974, and the subsequent defeat of the Esdaadi Authority led to Esdaad losing its seat in the USN in 1983. Currently, 46 nations recognize Esdaad as an independent nation.

Legal Status