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Abbasid (Kabier: العباسي, Abbāsīyyah), Officialy the Kingdom of Abbasid (Kabier: المملكة العباسي, Al-Mamlakah al-‘Abbāsīyyah) is a Central-Althenian nation, bordered to the east by the United Kabier Emirates, the Sultanate of Daria, and the Farlas Kabier Republic, to the west by the Emirate of Sharan and the Kingdom of Medima, and borders Forgia, Zebestia, the State of Esdaad and Mendorra to the south. With a population of 33 million, Abbasid is the 2nd most populous Kabier state, and the most populated on the Kabier Peninsula. With a total area of 870,000 sq mi Abbasid is the largest nation on the Kabier Peninsula, and the largest in the Kabier World. Because of this, Abbasid has been considered an important regional power.

Abbasid is a secular, unitary, constitutional federal monarchy, made up of seven emirates, unified under a single monarch. Each emirate is governed by a hereditary emir who jointly form the Federal Supreme Council which is the upper house of Abbasid's National Assembly. The emir of Rasheed is King, and the emir of Deira is Prime Minister. The constituent emirates are Rasheed, Deira, Sabrallaj, Ras al-Ziad, Khalifji, Ayjad, and Umm-Salal. Abbasid also maintains sovereignty over two special administrative regions, Nasser, and the Shalitivians, although they maintain a high level of autonomy from the rest of Abbasid. The capital is Rasheed, which is one of Abbasid's major centers of commercial and cultural activities. Since the beginning of the Oil Era, Abbasid has emerged as one of the fastest growning economies in the world. As of 2010 Abbasid has Adonia's seventh highest GDP per capita, and the world's fourth highest military expenditure.

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  • Okaiken approves the new changes to its 9th Article of the Constitution. (June 5)
  • Folland expands its claims to the Rites Sea. (June 2)
  • Armed Rebellion erupts in Tatra. (May 30)

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A Type-7 Monnard, Folland's next generation main battle tank (MBT) in service with the Follandan Armed Forces, as well as other allied Armed Forces around the world, such as Abbasid and Okaiken.

Photo: Follandan Army