Type-7 Monnard

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Type-7 Monnard Main Battle Tank
Type Main Battle Tank
Place of origin Follandan Republic
Service history
In service 3 years.
Used by Folland, Okaiken.
Wars Operation Desert Mace
Production history
Designer Syndicated Defense Industries
Designed 1990
Manufacturer S.D.I. Land Systems
Unit cost f7.25 Million Follar
Produced 2011
Number built 170
Variants Type-7A1, Type-7A2
Weight 68 Tons
Length 35 ft. (10.6 m)
Width 12 ft. (3.66 m)
Height 11 ft. (3.35 m)
Crew 4
Passengers 0

Armor 127 mm Frontal Sloped Depleted Uranium, Kevlar
130 mm Smoothbore Gun
30 caliber coaxial and hull mounted machine guns

The Type-7 Monnard Main Battle Tank, Type-7 Monnard, T-7 Monnard, T-7 or just Monnard is the Follandan Republic's next generation Main Battle Tank in service with the Follandan Armed Forces, as well as other allied Armed Forces around the world. The Monnard was developed by Syndicated Defense Industries and entered service in 2011 as a supplement and then eventual replacement for Folland's Type-6 120 Drake MBT, which entered service in 1985. The Monnard is reknown for being the most advanced Armored Vehicle in Folland's history and is expected to remain in service for decades.









The Type-7 Monnard currently comes in two available variant models. A base kit, and a hull with an upgraded turret and gun system. A third variant is in the works that features an advanced high velocity armor piercing gun system, however it's encountered setbacks and hasn't passed trials yet.


The base model of the Monnard which entered service in 2011. The Type-7A1 featured large leaps in design from it's predecessor, the Type-6 120. The Type-7A1 featured an advanced hull and turret design with a more powerful 130 mm Smoothbore gun, 10 mm larger than the Type-6. However the 7A1 model's turret was still relatively boxy, with flat forward facing armor sloped to a degree.


The Type-7A2 was a complete overhaul of the Monnard's combat software systems, as well as a redesign of the tank's turret. The turret now features better angled and sloped armor at the front and sides, increasing it's ability to deflect incoming fire. The upgraded software systems improves the vehicle's combat effectiveness and situational awareness, making operating the tank easier and more efficient. These systems, provided by S.D.I. Information and Digital are classified.


The Type-7A3 variant was a proposed version of the 7A2 model, but included an advanced High Velocity Armor Piercing gun system designed to penetrate layers of armor plating to destroy the interiors of armored vehicles. However the gun system encountered mechanical and software difficulties during pre production testing and was pushed back to the design phase.