International reactions to Bergenstein Civil War

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The international reactions to the Bergenstein Civil War concern the response of international bodies, foreign governments, non-governmental organisations and multinational corporations headquartered outside of Bergenstein. Many governments have condemned the government's response as overly heavy-handed and violent, while many governments initially expressed support for the government and the "security measures" taken, though as the death toll mountedthey switched sides, often adopting the rhetoric of Western countries. It eventually changed to sow no support for both sides as the civilian death toll mounted on both sides.

Supranational Bodies

I just noticed, no executive in the USNW expressed something yet. Fail XD.

USNW Member States

Initially, the government of Abbasid expressed support for the Traditionalist Government of Bergenstein, citing historic cooperation between the two countries. However when a new King gained power Abbasid swapped sides to the Modernist cause. When it became apparent that the Modernists were no better than the Traditionalists, Abbasid joined the Sinopian-led Coalition against Bergenstein. Abbasid refuses to recognize Bergenstein as a legitimate nation, and refers to it as "Occupied Brullen".

As of November 7, 2013, Acadia refuses to recognize the statehood of Bergenstein, stating that the state does not exist and technically still part of Brullen.

When Civil War broke out in Bergenstein, the neighboring nation of Brullen immediately closed its border with Bergenstein, citing security concerns. As an addition, Brullen also added that there will be no Bergenstein Citizens allowed in Brullen, officially severing its ties with the government of Bergenstein.

Before the beginning of the Civil War, tensions rose between Okaiken and Bergenstein, criticizing its traditionalist Imperial rhetoric, stating that the nation has committed several human rights violation in its history. It also criticized the economic system of Bergenstein due to its impartiality towards its people as well as the international community. Just after the controversial international address released by the High King, Okaiken released a statement to Bergenstein.

We do not imply your nation to transfer to an international currency, such as the Enieo. What we are implying to your nation is to create a balanced financial system that is fair for everyone. Your nation does not live in a century where barter trading and mercantilism prevail. You are in the century where there are more than 10, and I will say it again. TEN Investment Options: This includes Money Market Funds, Stocks, Precious Metals Funds, Dividends and Real Estate Assets. These investment options will not work with separate currencies for each state you have and with different tax laws too. Your states will create competing money markets and so on and so forth funds to edge other states, and the nations were actually trying to help you with the handling of your financial system, starting with the least riskiest investment option, which is the money market fund. We listed that you can use the Skriller as your national currency. We are not forcing you to eat the Enieo. We are however, forcing you to fix this problem. Be fair to the international community, and be fair with your member countries.

Joining the United Sovereign Nations of the World is a privilege and a commitment. You will have to commit to change what is wrong with your country, using the ideas that essentially would help you in the short term and the long term stability of your country. Corporations are not fair in this world, you can blame them why we heed this warning to you. Would you rather have your nations' economy siphoned by our companies, or would you rather invest and I will emphasize invest, to a single currency that can help you. Well, if you really want, fine, keep your currencies, but our companies will siphon your money until you declare bankruptcy. I don't think your Department of Knowledge knows that nor the knowledge of investing into a single currency, nor the knowledge of the Rule of 72, and I don't think you'll have the ability to remove those companies with a stroke of a pen.

Remember, a threat of sovereignty of other nations will result in the suspension of your membership in the USNW. You will also void Article 9 of the Okaiken Constitution if you invade it.
—July 27, 2013
Shigeru Azai, Okaiken's ambassador to Brullen

The next day, Okaiken officially severed its relations with Bergenstein, citing economic concerns. When the civil war escalated, Okaiken sent a plea to both parties to cease fire, which both sides agreed upon. Toyoshi hosted the 3rd USNW Summit to settle disputes, and it was intended to split Bergenstein into two parts: The Traditionalist Section and the Modernist section. Both sides agreed with the terms, but since then, separatist movements supported by the Traditionalist Government violated the deal set in the summit.

On November 7, 2013, Okaiken released warrants of arrest for the traditionalist members of the summit, citing that they were working with the separatist movements within the modernist breakaway zone to incite more violence.

On November 17, 2013, Okaiken officially announces that Bergenstein is no longer recognized as a sovereign state.

15 August 2013; Sinope downgrades relation with Bergenstein at the lowest level before a declaration of war at 0.500 points, lower than Calibria, a first in Sinopian diplomatic history.

29 August 2013; Toyoshi Summit; Sinope and Relastova propose the partition of Bergenstein and an immediate ceasefire.

9 November 2013; Batavia requests the help of Sinope to defend its sovereignty against Bergenstein; Sinope accepts and prepares to impose a naval blockade and a no-fly zone; Sinope creates the Coalition.

16 November 2013; The Coalition has imposed a naval blockade and a no-fly zone over the territory of Bergenstein; The Coalition led by Sinope officially starts Operation Last Christmas.

Non-USNW States

Esdaad is one of the few countries who support the Traditionalists in the conflict. Esdaad has sent troops to Bergenstein and in return Bergenstein has equipt them, also signing a pact that would ensure that if Esdaad was attacked that Bergenstein would aid. Despite this several border clashes between Abbasid and Esdaad have continued.