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Etrusque (Etruscan: Étrusque), officially the Republic of Etrusque (Etruscan: République d'Étrusque), is a unitary constitutional republic located in Western Althena, consisting of 18 political districts called counties, one capital district and one direct controlled municipality. The country spans a large amount of land on the northwestern peninsula of the continent, sharing a border with Insulo to the west, Batavia and Bergenstein to the north, Bruellen to the northeast, and Matinenda to the east.


The ancient Calibrians called population which inhabited the are of modern-day Etrusque as the Tusci or Etrusci. Their Roman name is the origin of the term Etrusque, which refers to their heartland, and Etruria, which can refer to their wider region. In ancient Sinope, the Etruscans were known as Τυρρηνοὶ (Tyrrhēnoi), earlier Tyrsenoi, from which the Romans derived the names Tyrrhēni (Etruscans), Tyrrhēnia (Etruria), and Mare Tyrrhēnum (Tyrrhenian Sea).