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— Designated City —
Okehazama District of Toyoshi
Flag of Toyoshi
Seal of Toyoshi
Nickname(s): The Island Fortress, The City of Water, The Nation's Kitchen
Location of Toyoshi
Country Okaiken
Region Yagi
Prefecture Toyoshi
Type Designated City
Emperor Masahito
Governor of Prefecture Matsudaira Yuhko
Mayor Mori Motonari
Total 223.00 km2 (86.100 mi2)
Land 288.00 km2 (111.19 mi2)
Water 32.00 km2 (12.35 mi2)
Population (January 5, 2014)
City 2,147,355
Metro 10,567,143
Other information
Time zone AUT+9

Toyoshi (豊志 Toyoshi?) is a city in the Yagi region of Okaiken's largest island of Yagi, a designated city under the Local Autonomy Law, the capital city of Toyoshi Prefecture. Located at the mouth of the Yodo River on Toyoshi Bay, Toyoshi is Okaiken's second largest city by population after Okashi, as well as a regional economic hub.

Hokubu Yagi is the second largest metropolitan area in Okaiken by population and one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world, with nearly 10 million people, and by GDP the second largest area in Okaiken and the seventh largest area in the world. It's also home to the headquarters of some of the most well known electronic companies in the world.

Historically the commercial center of Okaiken, Toyoshi functions as one of the command centers for the Sanese economy. The ratio between daytime and night time population is 1.41, the highest in Okaiken, highlighting its status as an economic center. Its nighttime population is 2.1 million, the third in the country, but in daytime the population surges to 3.7 million, second only to Okashi (combining the special wards of Okashi, which is not a single incorporated city, for statistical purposes; see the Okashi article for more information on the definition and makeup of Okashi). Toyoshi used to be referred to as the "nation's kitchen" (天下の台所 tenka no daidokoro?) in feudal Honda period because it was the centre of trading for rice, creating the first modern futures exchange market in the world.