2012 USong Song Contest

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2012 uSong Contest
uSong 2
Rebirth of Music
Semi-Final 1
Semi-Final 2
Finals 22nd December
(Results on 1st December)
Host Venue
Host City Smith City ,Shayden
No. Participants 10
Debuting Countries Acadia
Nilia and Albian
Staatenbund de Brullen Reich
Returning Countries '
Withdrawing Countries Ruteria
New Chandler
Any countries previously but not mentioned are now none existent on official maps.
Participation Map

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Winning Country  Matinenda Matinenda
Winning Song Witchcraft
USong Song Contest
◄ 2011 50px ► 2013

the USong Song Contest 2012 will be the 2nd annual USong Song Contest. It was going to be held in Ruteria but the future of the contest being held there is shady. It was to be held in Ruteria after Manuel Carrasco won for Ruteria performing Que Nadie. The contest itself is to be held in a date unknown sometime in Summer. There will be many new country as well as many drop outs from the countries no longer being in the league. It was announced late in July 12th that Shayden would officially host despite being observer at time of picking since they were the highest positioned country still able to host. They at the time were a Full Member of the USNW.

In late August, it was announced from the Minister of CAS to Shayden that because of the time delay of making the contest it would take place in Winter.


Problem With Hosting Country

Ruteria left the Union in January 30th with an uncertain future if they will return, and if so if they will return in time to host. If Ruteria cannot host when it will go one of the countries that is still in the league and made it furthest, though due to communication problems the host could either be Grand, Belluterra and Malo or Shayden.

The return of New Chandler mid-way through 2012 means that the runner-up to last years country is viable to hold the contest if wanted. If not it would go to Grand, Belluterra and Malo or Shayden still.

On the 12th of July it was announced that the contest officially had no host since Grand and New Chandler both could not host. It went down to Shayden and the Minister automatically exclaimed an emergency bid for the contest, until that night when Shayden announced even though they are Observer to the USNW they would host the contest.

In August, Shayden was accepted back as full member making it assured that they will hold the contest yet the start date not confirmed as well as confirmation of any other facts about the contest. On the 19th of August, it was told that Smith City would host the contest yet the stadium at that time was unknown.


Graphic Design

The design of the contest was modelled after the theme of the "Rebirth of Music", inspired by situation of Shayden leaving membership and returning being it's return to the contest like the logo of the contest, a Phoenix. But it was also inspired by the collaborator, the Minister of CAS personally seeing a union tradition in the contest and wanting to continue it after he won the spot in the last election.

The Pheonix was originally going to be based on the Shayden symbol of the Eagle but after drawing the idea up, they decided upon it being a Pheonix instead and kept it to create the theme itself.


The Finals were hosted by Shaydian presenter Carolyn R. Bertrand and co-hosted by Aescalian Sir Paul Ely. A voice-over presenter was also used with different countries having their own voice-over presenter.

Voting and Representatives


The Voting occurred from the end of the show on the 21st to the 27th of January, the result show being aired on the 1st of January for the new year.

The voting took on the format of points being given from 1-6, 1 being worse, to 8, 10 and 12 points for the top 3 acts of the country voting. Each country had a vote as well as USNW country New Terrance who had missed the sign up for uSong but was still liable to vote. After all the countries had voted, the points will be added up for all the participating countries and their acts to give the final results.

The revealing of the points were in 3 lots, separated by sub-totals showing the current placing of acts at that time. Below is a table of which countries voted in which lot.

Lot 1 Lot 2 Lot 3
Template:Country data Nilia and Albian Nilia and Albian
Template:Country data Missing flag Brullen
 Okaiken Okaiken
 Insulo Insulo
 Shayden Shayden
 Matinenda Matinenda
 Folland Folland
 Acadia Acadia
 Kaskaskia Kaskaskia
23x15px New Terrance New Terrance
23x15px Paradise Paradise


Participating Countries

Participating countries are unknown but there are 10 countries non-viable to join since they all left the league between the contests, including the winner Ruteria, 2nd place New Chandler, and Lisieux. Participant applications started on the 23rd of November along with an introduction to USong and ended the 21st of December, with a lower number of countries than the year before. The acts include former USNW members Acadia and Nilia and Albian who had signed up before leaving, and Observer country the Staatenbund de Brullen Reich which joined USNW as obvserver during the application session.


Performance Night

Lot Order Country Language Artist Song Translation Place Points
1 Template:Country data Missing flag Staatenbund de Brullen Reich Trentannian The Script 6 Degrees of Seperation 3rd 74
2  Kaskaskia Kaskaskia Trentannian Santigold Disparate Youth ~5 51
3 Template:Country data Nilia and Albian Nilia and Albian Ghuangjian,Trentannian U-Kiss Neverland 1 ~5 51
4  Acadia Acadia Trentannian All-Acadian-Rejects Move Along 2nd 75
5  Folland Folland Trentannian Lisa Miskovski Still Alive 4th 63
6  Okaiken Okaiken Sanese Kuuki Kuodan Aoi Hana Blue Flower 8th 47
7 23x15px Paradise Paradise Trentannian Staind Falling 9th 41
8  Shayden Shayden Trentannian Five Finger Death Punch Ashes 10th 25
9  Insulo Insulo Insulonian Melendi Autofotos Self-Portrate 2 7th 48
10  Matinenda Matinenda Trentannian Pendulum Witchcraft 1st 86

1) Even though the Title is Trentannian, the rest of the song is in Ghuangjian

2) A rough translation as Autofotos is a unique word in the Insulonian Language, meaning much like "Self-Portrate"



The results for the final occurred on the 1st of December, no glitches occurred in the midst of the voting apart from the hosts not being told they themselves were the select representatives until the last second for Shayden. The results acclaimed that Matinenda had officially won it by 86 points while hosts Shayden came last with 25. 2nd and 3rd place fell to Acadia and Brullen with a point between them at 75 and 74 respectably.

Brullen Kaskaskia Nilia and Albian Acadia Folland Okaiken Paradise Shayden Insulo Matinenda New Terrance Total
Brullen 12 10 10 5 1 1 5 12 6 12 74
Kaskaskia 5 8 12 3 5 6 3 2 1 6 51
Nilia and Albian 10 6 8 2 6 5 1 6 2 5 51
Acadia 12 10 3 8 2 2 12 10 8 8 75
Folland 4 4 12 1 10 8 8 4 12 63
Okaiken 3 3 4 3 10 10 2 3 5 4 47
Paradise 6 5 2 2 6 3 6 5 3 3 41
Shayden 2 1 1 6 1 4 4 1 4 1 25
Insulo 1 2 5 5 4 12 3 4 10 2 48
Matinenda 8 8 6 4 12 8 12 10 8 10 86

12 Points

Below is a summary of the maximum 12 points each country awarded to another in the final:

No# 12s Recipient nation Voting nation(s)
3 Brullen Kaskaskia, Insulo, New Terrance
2 Acadia Brullen, Shayden
2 Folland Nilia and Albian, Matinenda
2 Matinenda Folland, Paradise
1 Insulo Okaiken
1 Kaskaskia Acadia

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