USong Song Contest 2011

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2011 uSong Contest
uSong One
Semi-Final 1 October 12th - October 20th
Semi-Final 2 November 8th
Finals November 11th
Host Venue Meralla Concert Hall
Host City Meralla, Dantanean Confederation
No. Participants 15
Debuting Countries New Friscia
New Chandler
Grand, Belluterra, and Malo
Dantanaean Confederation
Returning Countries none
Withdrawing Countries none
Participation Map

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Winning Country Template:Country data RuteriaRuteria
Winning Song Que Nadie
USong Song Contest
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USong Song Contest 2011 was the first in a series of USong Song Contests and contained only 15 countries, this was in a format not seen before compared to other talent contests in the Union. The venue was chosen in the start of October while the song selection was started in July with the original bidding for the venue which was cancelled until October when the 2nd attempt started.

The contest took place with only 1 performance, and then the acts were progressed into the semi finals after 4 rounds, unlike other formats again, before coming to the semi-final and final. The winner being Ruteria with their representative Manuel Carrasco with the song Que Nadie, translating to Trentannian as "Does Anyone" in Insulonian with New Chandler going 2nd with Cee Lo Green's song "Bright Lights Bigger City".


Since this was the first of the series of contests, no previous winner had been picked to host and the country who invented the idea couldn't host for various reasons.


The bidding went though 2 attempts in the 2011 contest as there was low interest the first time, pushing the contest to a Autumn/Winter slot as well. In both attempts at bidding only 2 countries applied to host the contest which started in 2011 and had no previous winner to host the contest and the country who spawned the idea could not host it at the time.

First Attempt

The first attempt took place around the July area of 2011, making it a summer contest unofficially yet was turned down due to disinterest in the Union for the contest. The only 2 countries to apply were Ruteria, the eventual winners of USong 2011 and the Calma Domain.

Ruteria's Bid
File:Auditorio Cancun.png
The Auditorio Cancun in Cancun was one of the 2 bids in the first attempt to find a host venue.

Ruteria's bid was for the peninsula town of Cancún, inside the auditorium of Auditorio Cancún, this bid took some interest from the union but was rejected with Calma's Bid for the contest.

Calma Domain's Bid

Calma's bid for the first version of the contest was in the rural areas of Faulkner Pass, near the towns of Lanten and Tokolov, Lanten already have an international event annually in the 24 hours of Lanten race at the end of each summer. If it won it would have been one of the only contest grounds that were in the open unless a large tent was erected, but it wasn't released that that was the plan. This bid also took interest but was also cancelled with the contest gaining little interest after the bidding stage.

Second Attempt

The second attempt was made in just one thread unlike the first attempt in which the 2 bids were in separate threads dedicated to their own bids. This took place in October, missing out on the chance to have the first contest in Summer, delaying it until Autumn and close to Winter. It also contained a basic template that all the bidders would follow to make it easier to compare the bids. The bidding ended on the 8th. The only 2 countries to apply were Grand and Belluterra and the winners to host, Dantanaean Confederation

Grand's Bid
File:Pearl Arena.jpg
The Pearl Arena as shown in the application in Francistown

Grand's bid was the first to be revealed, on the same day as the thread was started, with the capital city of Francistown being the applicant. The contest was to be held inside of the spherical arena named the Pearl Arena. With the bid came 6 pictures of the city as mandatory by the new template for bidding. It is unknown due to various circumstances how close Francistown came to winning the contest.

Dantanaean Bid
File:Meralla Concert Hall.jpg
The Merella Concert Hall was the winning application to host the contest.

Dantanaean's bid was the overall winning bid and the 2nd to be revealed, it was applied the same day as the thread opened as well. The city of Merella was the city chosen to host it with the historical Meralla Concert Hall.

The results to this attempt to find a hosting city was released on the 10th after a select committee of 2b2gbi, Saathoff, and Chip, though there was controversy to this form of selecting.


The Contest contained 4 Rounds, the Semi-Final containing 4 acts out of the 15 as acts were voted out over each round, the final only containing Ruteria and New Chandler. The performances were only shown once and the voting was done without the acts performing again, this an unconventional way to do voting and performances. The winning act in this contest had the chance to win 6 million Enieo.


the only host of the contest was Patricia Brun

Graphic Design

The colours for the contest corresponded with the shades of blue in the logo, They also followed the font style but had very limited graphics that were used as "postcards" for countries before the performance. The logo itself didn't have any pictorial graphics as it was just the contest name and the word "one" under it symbolising that it is the first contest in a series. This was done in a handwriting style font which made it look more graphic instead of normal serif or sans serif font. The stage was never shown in full view so the visual design of the stage cannot be seen in full.

Participating Countries

There were 15 entrants into the first USong Song contest on differing sections of Adonia, such as winner Ruteria, host Dantanaea and venue bidder Grand and Belluterra. The participating countries had between July 6 and October 10 because of problems in finding a venue in the summer season when it was originally planned, the bidding stopping at the same time as the venue being revealed as Merella.


At the time of the contest happening, these were the countries, with corresponding song choices and artists, that performed in the 4 rounds, semi final and the final at most. There was no Returns since this was the first contest, the same with withdraws although it was possible for a country to withdraw during the process.

Country Language Artist Song Translation
Calma Domain Trantannian Blackberry Smoke Up In Smoke
New Friscia Etruscan Sexion d'Assaut Désolé Sorry
Utrova Utrovan Ivan-Delfin Jej Czarne Oczy His Eyes
Ruteria Insulonian Que Nadie Manuel Carrasco Does Anyone
Shayden Trentannian Scatman's World Scatman
New Chandler Trentannian Bright Lights Bigger City Cee Lo Green
Escambia Trentannian In Colour Jamey Johnson
Puget Trentannian The Last Sound Grammatrain
Lisieux Trentannian Take a Back Road Rodney Atkins
Torshia Trentannian Put Down The Phone Various Artist Impersonators
Insulo Insulonian Ojala Que Llueva Café Juan Luis Guerra I Wish It Would Rain Coffee
Shushtrepistaz Trentannian Pogo Digitalism
Ordanus Trentannian Amazing Vanessa Amorosi
Grand and Belluterra Trentannian Better Days Goo-Goo Dolls
Dantanaean Confederation Trentannian Mother Earth Within Temptation 1
Palobia Trentannian One Way Ticket Non Ti Ho Mai Chiesto

1) Accompanied by the Metropole Orchestra


Draw Country Song Place Round
1 Dantanaean Confederation Mother Earth 7 3
2 Escambia In Color 4 Semi
3 Grand and Belluterra Better Days 6 3
4 Insulo Ojala Que Llueva Café 8 3
5 Lisieux Take A Back Road 3 Semi
6 New Chandler Bright Lights, Bigger City 2 Final
7 New Friscia Désolé 10 2
8 Ordanus Amazing 15 1
9 Palobia One Way Ticket 9 2
10 Puget The Last Sound 14 1
11 Ruteria Que Nadie 1 Final
12 Shayden Scatman's World 5 4
13 Shushtrepistaz Pogo 13 1
14 Torshia Put Down The Phone 12 1
15 Utrova Jej Czarne Oczy 11 1

Score Boards

The Score Boards were shown in private and the results were shows without any points to them. It is unsure that this is to change.


The first bit of criticism that the contest came under was that it was dragged on for longer than it should have been, resting all of the summer almost, this has not been explained and has been mostly forgotten about the contest.

Another complaint was of the voting system was was vague as to how many points each country received and just said who was through or not. This was criticised most by Minister for Culture, Art and Sport, Ying Blanc who prefered to see the points and also have it different than the way it was plotted (2 out every round)

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