Sinope Armed Forces

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Sinope Armed Forces
Σινώπη Ένοπλες Δυνάμεις
Coat of Arms of Sinope.png
Service branches Sinope Army
Sinope Navy
Sinope Air Force
Cyber Warfare Forces
Aerospace Defence Forces
Commander-in-Chief Doge Diogenes
Defense Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos (Conservative)
Chief of the General Staff General Michail Kostarakos
Military age 18 years of age
Available for
military service
14,791,260 (2013 est.), age 15–49
Fit for
military service
11,963,513 (2013 est.), age 15–49
Reaching military
age annually
Active personnel 545,000 (2013)
Reserve personnel 350,000
Deployed personnel 11,400
Budget §42.526 billion (2013)
Percent of GDP 2.4% (2013)
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The Sinope Armed Forces (Sinopian: Σινώπη Ένοπλες Δυνάμεις) is the military organization responsible for the defense of Sinope. They consist of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Aerospace Defence Forces and the Cyber Warfare Forces. The National Police and the Coast Guard, both of which have law enforcement and military functions, operate as components of the internal security forces in peacetime, and are subordinate to the Ministry of State Security (YAK). In wartime, they are subordinate to the Army and Navy. The Doge of Sinope is the military's commander-in-chief.

The current Chief of the General Staff is General Michail Kostarakos. The Chief of the General Staff is the Commander of the Armed Forces. In wartime, he acts as the Commander in Chief on behalf of the Doge of Sinope, who represents the Supreme Military Command of the SAF. Commanding the Armed Forces and establishing the policies and programs related with the preparation for combat of personnel, intelligence, operations, organization, training and logistic services are the responsibilities of the General Staff. Furthermore, the General Staff coordinates the military relations of SAF and friendly nations.

Recent history

Third Kariko War


Bergen Wars


General Staff



Air Force

Aerospace Defence

Cyber Warfare

National Police

Coast Guard