Taiju War

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Bodaijō War
Part of The Period of Three Shoguns
Battle of Oka-kyo Komaki
Date 1567-1576
Location Okaiken
Result Muromachi Clan Victory; Start of the Sengoku Period
Fushikki Clan Muromachi Clan
Shibata Kanegetsu
Fushikki Yoshimiru
Fushikki Yoshihisa
Muromachi Katsuyo
Tachibana Josetsu
Muromachi Kenchiro
125,300 121,200
17,300 11,400
7,250 Civilians

Marker at location of outbreak of the Taiju War

The Taiju (大樹の乱 Taiju no Ran?) was a civil war that lasted 10 years (1567–1476) during the Three Shoguns Period in Okaiken.[1] A dispute between Shibata Kanegetsu and Muromachi Katsuyo escalated into a nationwide war involving the three shogunates and a number of daimyo in many regions of Okaiken.

The war initiated the Sengoku jidai, "the Warring States Period". This period was a long, drawn-out struggle for domination by individual daimyo, resulting in a mass power-struggle between the various houses to dominate the whole of Japan. During this long period three individuals emerged who would unite Japan under one rule; they were Ogasawara Taijo, Kawada Ietomo, and Honda Futaku.


  1. In the name "Taiju War," the noun "Taiju" refers to the nengō (Japanese era name) after "Bunshō" and before "Bunmei." In other words, the Taiju War occurred during Taiju, which was a time period spanning the years from 1567 through 1569.