Isterian Alliance

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Anthem: Isteria Rises from the Deep
Languages Lechian, Kallvak, Latkean, Lightanain, Magyaren
Membership  Kallvarde
Template:Country data Litheniant
 -  Speaker Lechia Paul Rounokoff
Establishment 1790
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The 'Isterian Alliance is predominantly a military alliance between Lechia, Kallvarde, Latkea, Magyar, and the Bergenstein state of Litheniant which are all located on the Isterian Peninsula in Western Althena. Despite it being an official military alliance the alliance does also cooperates in other areas, such as a free trade agreement and free movement agreement within the alliance members. The military cooperation between the members and the shared use of certain weapons is principal focus of the alliance as well as that being its original purpose.


The alliance was originally formed through a fear of an invasion by the very large Relastovan Empire. Lechia at that time was under occupation though freedom fighters from Lechia signed the treaty. With assistance from Etrusque the Isterians managed to defend themselves from the Relastovan onslaught. Much of the basis of today's alliance was formed during the war; it proved the perfect conditions to master the command structure that was to remain in place for the following centuries.

The alliance took a back step in the Latkean Civil War due to the weakness of the old Latkean government and the hope that a new government may prove a better ally. To ensure that the new republic would remain in the alliance, near the end of the war when the old government had no possibility of success the Isterian Alliance suddenly donated much aid to the republican side. During GAW the alliance was tested again ................................................................................................ After GAW the alliance slowly grew back to it's former power, the military of the alliance started a massive military boost due to the insecurities of the old Relastovan Empire. When the time was right the Isterian Alliance liberated Anoka in the ensuing chaos. After the liberation once again the military of the alliance grew. The acquisition o nuclear weapons in shared alliance ownership the alliance could be see seen a prominent Adonia power


Each country of the alliance must have an specified amount agreed by the alliance of professional active soldiers that can be called for war at an instant along with a specific number of reserves to be called up in times of war. On campaign the military is commanded by a single command structure which covers all member armies, if the alliance was invaded then the single command structure will have representatives from each member nation. Each year professional and reservists take part in summer and winter combined military maneuvers as part of the alliance military training program brought in in 1987.

Nuclear weapons

The alliance as a whole owns nuclear armed missiles that can be fired from land or from sea from a surface ship or submarine vessel. The alliance has not disclosed the quantity of such weapons nor the number of warheads which all are produced somewhere within the alliance's borders. The number of warheads and other such information is kept secrete but experts predict it is between 100 and 400 warheads for the entire alliance. It received the nuclear weapons after the collapse of the Relastovan Empire. The alliance is not believed to have any other sort of WMD which are all illegal.