Relastovan Empire

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Relastovan Empire
Реластоваская империя
Relastovaskaya Imperiya
Flag Coat of arms
Съ нами Богъ! ("God with us!")
Боже, Царя храни! ("God Save the Tsar!")
Territory of the Relastovan Empire in 1947 prior to the Great Adonian War
Capital Theodosia
Languages Official language:
+ many unofficial languages spoken
Religion Relastovan Orthodox~60%
Government Monarchy
 -  1721–1746 (First) Tsar Ivan
 -  1957-1962 (Last) Tsar Alexei V
Legislature Duma
Historical era Imperialism/GAW
 -  Established 1721
 -  Relastovan Revolution 4 April 1962
 -  Dissolution 28 November 1962
 -  1947 est. 270,058,792 
 -  1953 est. 266,962,816 
 -  1962 est. 28,125,993 
Currency Rouble
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Tsardom of Relastova
20px Grand Duchy of Lechia
20px Kingdom of Moravia.png
20px Grand Duchy of Karelia
20px Grand Duchy of Lettonia
Relastovan Federation 20px
Lechia 20px
Tatra 20px
Moravia 20px
Karelia 20px
Kirka 20px
Vilnussa 20px
Ossetia 20px
Lettonia 20px
Tuva 20px
Muntinavia 20px
Hayastan 20px
Today part of  Relastova Relastova
23x15px Tatra
Template:Country data Moravia
Template:Country data Karelia
Template:Country data Kirka
Template:Country data Vilnussa
Template:Country data N. Ossetia
Template:Country data S. Ossetia
Template:Country data Lettonia
Template:Country data Tuva
Template:Country data Muntinavia
Template:Country data Hayastan

The Relastovan Empire (Relastovan: Реластоваская империя) was a state that existed from 1721 until the Relastovan Revolution of 1962.