Brauerei National

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Brauerei National van Lorona
Location Script error: No such module "Comma separated entries". Bascharage (Lorona)
Opened 1975
Website www.bofferding.lo
Active beers
Bofferding & Battin
Name Type
Bofferding beer trailer in Larona

Brauerei National is the largest brewery in Lorona, based in Bascharage. They also export to Batavia and Etrusque. They brew beer under the brand name Bofferding and Battin.


The Brauerei National was born in 1975 from the fusion of two breweries: The Brauerei Bofferding, founded by Jean-Baptiste Bofferding in 1842, and the Brauerei Funck-Bricher founded in 1764 located at the Grund in Laroan founded in 1764. In 1964 the Funck-Bricher brewery had already bought the smaller Brauerei de Dudelange. After the fusion of the two breweries was completed, the newly founded Brauerei National closed the old brewery at the Grund and relocated its production completely to the Bofferding brewery in Bascharage. In 2005 the Brauerei National bought the Brasserie Battin from Esch-Alzette (which was founded in 1937) and transferred the production of Battin-beer to its brewery in Bascharage.


The following brands are sold under the Bofferding name:

  • Bofferding Pils
  • Bofferding Hausbéier (lager)
  • Bofferding Christmas (darker beer, served only during winter)
  • Bofferding Fréijoersbéier (unfiltered lager, brewed only during spring)


The following brands are sold under the Battin name:

  • Battin Gambrinus Lager
  • Battin Extra (Pils)
  • Battin Fruité (with fruit additives)
  • Battin Blanche