Socialist Party (Abbasid)

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Socialist Party
الحزب الاشتراكي

El-Hizb El-Ishtraki
President Ibrahim Hussein
Secretary-General Karam Majid
Spokesperson Aaliyah Faiza
Founded September 17, 1982 (1982-09-17)
Split from National Socialist Movement
Headquarters 21390 Salwah, Sana, Rasheed, Abbasid
Youth wing Young Socialist Movement
Membership  (2013) 150,000
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Centre-left
Religion Secular
International affiliation None
Colours      Red
House of Representatives
249 / 488
62 / 100
4 / 7

The Socialist Party (Kabier: الحزب الاشتراكي, El-Hizb El-Ishtiraki) is a social-democratic political party in Abbasid which was founded by moderate Abbasidi socialists following the 1982 Abbasidi revolution. The party was founded on 17 September 1982 at a conference in Sawfa, splitting from the radical National Socalist Movement. The party held power from 1982, until 2004, following the death of King Zayed I, a major supporter of the Socialist Party's ideologies. The SP lost power in the highly controversial 2004 parliamentary elections, allowing Islamist groups to gain control of the National Assembly. From 2005 to 2014 the party served as the main opposition against the NIA, before winning the 2014 parliamentary elections.