Nami City

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Nami City
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Nami City
From upper left: Nami City Downtown district, Nami City Industrial area, governor building, Nami City Naka Park


Nami City (red) in the Central Namian Province, Sundanesia
Country Sundanesia
Province Central Namian
 • Type City
 • Mayor Tochikura Namboku
 • Land 849 km2 ( sq mi)
 • Metro 5,705 km2 ( sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • City 2,605,993
 • Density 3,069/km2 (/sq mi)
 • Metro 9,750,332
 • Metro density 1,709/km2 (/sq mi)
Time zone Waktu Nasional Sundanesia (UTC+8)

Nami City (奈未市 Nami-shi?) is a city located in Central Namian Province of Sundanesia. It is the capital and the largest city of Central Namian province as well as the largest city in eastern part of Sundanesia. It's the central of Nami City Metropolitan area in the Namian Island, Sundanesia. During 1972 Sundanesia Invasion of Namian, this city transferred as the capital city of the area from former Hokuen Prefecture beforehand.

Nami City noted for it's development surpassing the capital Jayakarta and largest city Meriah since the Sundanesia annexation of the city. According to 2013 national budget report Nami City provided smaller profit (though it still give Sundanesia government surplus) to the nation since the autonomy law of Namian region which takes more profits for its region rather than central government like other area. Nami City ranked 1st in Nationwide most developed city with HDI rate 0.852 larger than Jayakarta 0.734, Meriah 0.742 and Singaraja 0.753.

Nami City suffer the recent separatism activity that appeared in Namian region of Sundanesia. in 2013, reported more than 75 protest held in this city to consinder Sundanesian government in order to give Namian self independences.


Nami City Massacre 1902

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