King Leon II

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Leon Andrew Thomas
King of the GSK
Reign 12 October 1986 – present
Coronation 12 October 1986
Predecessor King Jacob III
Heir apparent Prince Brandon
Prime Ministers Andrew O'Neil
Spouse Ivonne of Gezag
Princess Savana
Prince Maxwell
Full name
Leon Andrew Thomas
House House of Eastsex
Father Jacob of Sebria
Mother Lea of Dune
Born (1941-01-24) 24 January 1941 (age 77)
Royal Central Hospital, Hampton, Kelhand, Praeia
Religion Anglican

Leon Andrew Thomas or King Leon II of Clairbane (born 24 January 1941) is the reigning King of the Great Southern Kingdom. He has held the throne since 12 October 1986 upon the death of his Father, King Jacob III of Sebria