Hamza Industries

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Hamza Industries Ltd.
Type Public
Industry Arms/Defenses
Founded 1993
Founder(s) Abraham Zaman
Headquarters Tawazun City, Saadiyat, Abbasid
Area served Worldwide
Key people Joseph Rafael (CEO and Chairman)
Website www.hamzaind.ab

Hamza Industries (Kabier: صناعات حمزة) is an Abbasidi arms producer. It primarily produces assault rifles and tactical sniper rifles for the Abbasid Defense Forces. It is Central Althena's main arms manufacturer, providing arms to international law enforcement, and sporting markets. In addition to producing assault rifles, Hazma also manufactures pistols, hunting rifles, and an extensive variety of arms accessories, along with full weapon repair and maintenance. The company is based in Saadiyat, Abbasid.



Assault Rifles

Hunting Rifles

Sniper Rifles


Other products

Arms Accessories