Coldritch LLC

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Coldritch LLC
Type Limited Liability Company
Founded Hoyer, Anakara (November 5, 1980 (1980-11-05))
Headquarters Momnoko

Coldritch LLC is a Limited Liability Company based in the International Zone of Momnoko. The company deals in financial transactions and reselling of various goods internationally. The company has no reported assets or revenues but has projected making over 1 billion sents in revenue in 2012 through its transaction services. The company has currently been banned from operating in Trentannia and Kuyrut due to it's relation in conspiracies from 1982 to 2011.


1982 Coldritch Weapons Conspiracy

The 1982 Coldritch Weapons Conspiracy was a controversy that had involved the governments of Momnoko, Anakara, Kuyrut, and the companies of Coldritch and Western Industrial. The conspiracy involved the illegal sale of weapons manufactured by Western Industrial to Guerrilla fighters in Momnoko. The shipment of over 1,000 weapons, ranging from tanks to flamethrowers had been intercepted in the Anakaran coastal city of Kedina. Initially the weapons were allowed to pass through the port authority by corrupt local officials, but were later intercepted by gunboats. The following investigation had cleared Western Industrial of all charges, but had placed an eye on Coldritch. The Kuyrutian and Anakaran response to the event was the ban of sales operations of Coldritch LLC for five years, forcing the company to relocate to Momnoko.