Abbasid Military Industries

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Abbasid Military Industries
Type Government-owned corportation
Industry Arms/Defenses
Predecessor(s) Khali Industries
Adcom Systems
Founded 1968
Founder(s) Salah Abdullah
Headquarters Saadiyat, Abbasid
Area served Worldwide
Website www.ami.ab

Abbasid Military Industries Ltd. (Kabier: العباسي العسكرية نظم المحدودة) also known as AMI, is an Abbasidi weapons manufacturer. It manufactures firearms, ammunition and military technology mainly for the Abbasid Defense Forces. It was established in 1967 after a merger between the government owned Khali Industries and Adcom Systems. Factories of the AMS produce the A1 88-Tank, the main battle tank of the ADF, along with ammunition for firearms, APC's, and artillery.



Small Arms