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Flag of
Religion Old Gods, Calibrian Catholic
Demonym Veranan / Ver
State of Bergenstein
 -  Doge Teresta die Verete
Currency No official currency
Internet TLD .ver

Verana is a City and a State located on the most southerly eastern tip of Bergenstein. It is the only region in Bergenstein to speak Calibric languages. The city itself in located in Lake Verana and is built in a very similar way to Braavos in Sinope which the city is sisters with. The city and state is an republic with a Doge being elected when the previous passes on from the wealthy of Verana. Verana was established by Braavosi in the eighth century when traders interacting with the Brullanic tribes of the north wanted a safe heaven en-route through the Meschborn pass which today is still the rout fro many travelers. Verana generally keeps away from Bergenstein politics and kept a very low profile during the Bergen Wars

Sister Cities

Sinope Braavos