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State of Valisco
Држава Валисчо
Flag of Valisco Coat of Arms of Valisco
Flag Coat of Arms
and largest city
Official languages Valiscan
Demonym Valiscan
Government Presidential republic
 -  President Đurica Jojkić
 -  Secretary of State Bojan Pajtić
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house Senate
 -  Lower house Chamber of Deputies
 -  2014 estimate 4,692,425
 -  2012 census 4,648,913
GDP (PPP) estimate
 -  Total §104.885 Billion
 -  Per capita §22,352
Gini (2013)27.7
HDI (2013)0.831
very high
Currency Dinar (VAL)
Time zone AUT+1
Drives on the right
Calling code +37
Internet TLD .vc


Until 1901, Valisco was part of the Kingdom of Latkea. The Valiscan population suffered harsh discrimination by the Latkeans and were often oppressed and had, among other things, often to pay higher taxes to the Kingdom and conscription rates were way higher in the region than elsewhere in the Kingdom. Nationalism developped in the late 1800s due to several summary executions ordered by the monarchy on innocent Valiscans. With the support of the Relastovan Empire, Valisco declared its independence in 1901 during the Latkean Civil War. A small conflict between Valisco and Latkea occured following it, but the latter was reluctant to go to war despite being part of the Isterian Alliance with Relastova which heavily supported the Valiscan new state. The fact that Latkea was in the depth of a civil war did not help their situation

The Great Adonian War

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Post War and the Valiscan Crisis

Things calmed down after the Relastovan Revolution, unfortunately the new Relastovan Federation wanted little to do with Valisco, the caused the country to open itself up to the outer world. Valisco benefited from international trade emensly bringing it to the same standard as any other Alcadean nation. However the tensions between the Isterian nations remained. In 1984 the tensions reached a boiling point, Isterian military vehicles and navel vesslels blockaded Valisco after it was found that Valisco had offered exile to a republican terrorist in Kallvarde. The Valiscan government refused to hand the man over.

On the 16th of June seven bombs went off simultaneously in Isterian bases along the boarder of Valisco and Latkea. 16 Latkeans and 5 Kallvards were killed with a following 26 injured. This gave an excuse to invade Valisco. on the 18th the frist Isterian troops rolled into Valisco. An emergancy meeting was held in Torshia between the Isterian Alliance and Valisco with Relastova, Torshia and Etrusque as official obervers. A Sinopean and Bergenstein representative was also present at the conference. It was decided that the terrorist was to be tried in Torshia o the condition that the Isterian army ended it’s blockade. Within a week the terms of the agreement had been solved and then on the 20th of July the terrorist was sentenced to life in prison. He was en route to an Etruscan prison however went missing in the Atlas mountains. He was found dead a week later however was overlooked so that peace could be maintained.


Despite the distrust between Valisco and Latkea the borders are open and there is a multitude of cross nation businesses. Both countries do have large garrisons however at the border areas. Valisco has benefited massively from becoming an observer of the Alcadean Union which has increased trading profits by over 40% since 2000 alone. Valisco continues to develop fast despite being one of the poorer nations of Western Althena