Uther and Trell Aeronautics

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Uther and Trell Aeronautics
Industry Aerospace, Defense
Founded Uthersfield, Folland (February 25, 1962 (1962-02-25))
Headquarters Uthersfield, West Territories, Folland
Number of locations Thirty Six Facilities
Area served West Euphemia
Products Civilian and Military Aircraft/Systems
Employees 42,600

Uther and Trell Aeronautics, Uther and Trell, or U.T. is a Follandan Aerospace and defense company. It was founded in 1962 by David Archibald Uther and Katrina Belusso Trell as a startup Aircraft manufacturing company. It is headquartered in Uthersfield, West Territories, Folland.

Uther and Trell Aeronautics is the only company in Folland that has shares owned by the city of Uthersfield, named after the family who founded it. David Uther, co-founder of U.T. is a descendant of that family. The company is also the first in Follandan history to build a Satellite for the National Space Exploration Administration of Folland.


Company Outline

Civilian Aerospace

Military Aerospace

Digital Systems

Space Systems

Unmanned Vehicles