TMT Motor Corporation

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TMT Motor Corporation
Type Public
Traded as KSETMT
KSE 100 Component
Industry Automotive
Founded 2003
Founder(s) Erik Short
Frank Lion
Uyre Moye
Headquarters Mercer, Kuyrut
Area served Kuyrut, Shayden, Acadia, Folland, Oxacmela, Okaiken, Trentannia, Sinope, Insulo, Sameshira
Key people Erik Short
(Chairman and CEO)
Uyre Moye
Products Electric Luxury cars
Automotive components
Revenue IncreaseUS$ 2,013 million (2013)
Operating income IncreaseUS$ -61 million (2013)
Net income IncreaseUS$ -74 million (2013)
Total assets IncreaseUS$ 2,417 million (2013)
Total equity IncreaseUS$ 667 million (2013)
Owner(s) Erik Short (42%)
Holzer Aerospace (0.27%)
Eton Motorworks (0.14%)
Employees 6000 (Jan 2014)

The TMT Motor Corporation is an Kuyrutian company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric cars and electric vehicle powertrain components. TMT Motors is a public company that trades on the Kurtilifa Stock Exchange under the symbol TMT. In the first quarter of 2013, TMT posted profits for the first time in its ten year history.