Syndicated Defense Industries

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Syndicated Defense Industries
Industry Aerospace, Defense, Security
Founded Triton, Folland (June 10, 1957 (1957-06-10))
Headquarters Triton, West Territories, Folland
Number of locations Seventy Two Facilities
Area served West Euphemia
Products Civilian Security Systems and Military Hardware
Services Computer Security Software
Employees 78,200

Syndicated Defense Industries, Syndicated Defense, or S.D.I is a Follandan Civilian and Military defense company. It was established by a group of smaller companies in the 1950's from weapons manufacturers, vehicle manufacturers, and aerospace research firms who merged into one corporation. It is headquartered in Triton, West Territories, Folland.

Syndicated Defense Industries has been one of the sole Defense Contractors of the Follandan Military, and is claimed to be the reason behind the country's current modernized Armed Forces. Even though the company holds no political loyalty, S.D.I. has held exclusive Military contracts with just the Follandan government since it's establishment in 1957. Today, a majority of the Follandan Military is equipped with vehicles and equipment developed by Syndicated Defense Industries.


SDI Triton Campus

Syndicated Defense Industries was created from a merger in 1957, of four smaller companies in the business of research and defense. Keller Motors, Maritime Efforts, Oscar Fryer Munitions, and United Aerospace Company agreed to the merger in order to expand the Defense Sector in Folland, and to ultimately dominate the development, production, and sales of weapons and other military applicable systems. Since 1965, S.D.I. has been responsible for every Main Battle Tank purchased by the Follandan Military, earning trillions in contracts over the following decades. S.D.I.'s biggest financial success was the development of the Type-7 Monnard Main Battle Tank, which completely modernized Folland's Armored Corps of the Military. Monnards have been sold to Folland as well as overseas Governments including Abbasid and Okaiken. A previous success was the Type-6 120 AT, an older experimental MBT that paved the way for the Monnard. S.D.I. sold 640 to Folland in total before the contract for the Monnard came into effect.

Today S.D.I. has a large main industrial campus in Triton, West Territories while smaller facilities and plants are found across the country. A smaller research and development plant owned by S.D.I. Information and Digital, a subsidiary of S.D.I. is located in "Silicon Bay", in the city of Laventa, Shayden.

Company Outline

S.D.I. maintains a strong presence in the development of military weapons systems, with an especially large investment in it's Land Systems subsidiary. Developing the best hardware and software for Folland's Military while beating competitors prices has been the goal for decades.

Land Systems

Type-7 Monnard MBT

S.D.I. Land Systems is the largest of the company's subsidiaries, and is the most successful of the five. Land Systems has been developing Armored vehicles for the Follandan Military for over forty years and is responsible for Folland's Type-6 120 AT and Type-7 Monnard Main Battle Tanks. Focusing on land based hardware and platforms, much of the company's budget goes toward wheeled and tracked vehicles, while also developing ground base munitions, armor systems, and smart weapons. Another successful vehicle developed by Land Systems was the Taurus Infantry Fighting Vehicle family of personnel carriers.

Information and Digital

S.D.I. Information and Digital is the company's digital software division, specializing in computer systems and communications technology for both civilian and military application. Computer systems found in Folland's Armored vehicles and tanks were developed by this subsidiary. Information and Digital also develops logistical software for several other companies in Folland as well as for international firms. Digital Security systems and Anti-Viral software are also developed for civilian and military use, however software for military systems remains classified.


Marine Systems

Civilian Security