Stark City

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Stark City
Stark City
—  Metropolis  —
Foundation 1758
 • Type Municipal
 • Mayor of Stark City
Population (2012)
 • Total 3,182,972
Demonym Starkian
Time zone AUT-8

Stark City is the largest city in Mitron. It is the financial and entertainment center of the entire nation.


Stark City was first founded in 1754, by Trentannian settlers. After the Midland’s War, when Trentannia gained control of the Dominion of Mitron, the Trentannian governor set up headquarters in Beaumont. However, upon discovering the high amount of native Ohcans living in the city, he ordered a new city to be built farther north along the bay, for “pure” Trentannia settlers. This city would be closed off to any Ohcans, besides traders. The city would be called Stark City.