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Competition Format

20 teams play a double round robin format against the other 19 teams. Each team plays each other team once at home and once away, for a total of 38 games. At the end of each season the bottom 3 teams are relegated to the FF Championship and replaced with the top 3 teams from the Championship. The winner of the SPL and additional teams also qualify for West Althenean Glory.



Media Coverage


PBC and Blu Networks share broadcast rights. Each is allowed half of the games. PBC gets to broadcast all home games from teams finishing in even placing in the finishing table from the season before while Blu gets odd numbered teams. In matches between the teams ranked in the top 5 both are given broadcast rights. The exact financial sums are disclosed, and it is believed they fluctuate depending on games broadcast.



The Spry Premier League has 20 teams that compete, including 17 that played in the previous season. The remaining three teams are elevated from the FF Championship in place of the bottom three teams from the season prior.

Stadia and locations

Note: Table lists in alphabetical order.
Team Stadium Capacity City
Bolecambe Wanderers Sparrow Park 32,463 Bolecambe
Briar Crawford Park 68,216 Dune
Burwick River Park 41,901 Burwick
Celtic Celtic Park 42,680 Dune
Celtic West West Park 24,050 Baileslow
CF Insulian conjuntodeleva Estadio del Pueblo 20,170 Camsetter
Chestnut Anderson Ground 31,500 Chestnut, Hampton
Cosmos PraeCom Park 44,200 Bolecambe
Eastleigh Rovers DingCo Stadium 28,430 Eastleigh, Burwick
Easton Shipmaker Yard 58,630 Easton, Hampton
Fifties Lotus Lane 36,741 Hampton
Harlchester United Percy Park 85,390 Harlchester
Hounbroke City Jamieson Park 32,180 Hounbroke-on-Farnan
Northbrook Tuesdays Ashley Stadium 41,313 Northbrook
Oakhall Kpost Park 51,960 Oakhall, Harlchester
Oakwray Eastern Stadium 36,540 Oakwray
Olympians Olympians Park 18,929 Hampton
Queens Palace Queens Park 60,338 Hampton
Shamrock Aigean Talun Gairmiula 27,430 Tadgar, Duneria
Troutport St. Andrews 46,310 Troutport

Personnel and kits