Second Great Adonian War (Alternate)

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Second Great Adonian War (Alt)
Second Great Adonian War Alternate.jpg
City of Oboden, Folland during the Battles of Carentoba.
Date November 19th, 2012 - April 20th, 2013
Location Central Euphemia, Western Althena, parts of Neridea
Result Folland and Acadia sign Armistice. Folland largely destroyed. Acadia suffers Civil War. Trentannia emerges as a new Superpower.
Follandan Republic, Kaskaskia, Commonwealth of Palekeiko, Republic of Insulo, and others. Acadian Federation, Marqualis, Trentannia, and others.
Chancellor Michael Moen, President Juliet Masterfield, and others. President Randall, and others.
2,200,000 Soldiers 5,000,000+ Soldiers
78,400 Soldiers 90,000 Soldiers
1,000,000+ Civilians

The Second Great Adonian War, Great Adonian War Two, or GAW II was a global conflict that took place in an Alternate timeline in recent Adonian history. Out of Character, the conflict was performed by numerous members of the United Sovereign Nations forum under the circumstances where the Dead War tensions between Folland and Acadia escalated beyond control, resulting in armed conflict between each other and their Allies. The conflict lasted over several real world months; between November of 2012 and April of 2013, and the topic reached thirty seven pages in length, making it one of the most popular and active instances of Roleplay in USNW history. The roleplay also however suffered extensive use of Godmodding causing it to be unworkable in some areas and forced to be redacted in others.

In Character, the War raged mostly within the Central region of the Euphemian Continent, with spinoff conflicts erupting in Western Althena and parts of Neridea. Officially beginning with the Acadian invasion of Kaskaskia following a Kaskaskian government Coup, Folland declared war on Acadia and it's Ally Marqualis in defense of Kaskaskia. The declaration opened the way for a Follandan land invasion of Fraesia and Naval warfare between Folland and Marqualis in the Rites Sea. As the war continued Folland quickly turned to the defensive against overwhelming force from all sides. The Follandan west coast and southern border were invaded and it's capital city of Hinali taken, despite preparing a defense. It wasn't until the Republic of Insulo joined the war on Folland's side and sent a Marine expeditionary force to aid Folland in counterattacking the Marqualis Army, that they eventually retook the city of Hinali before ultimately agreeing to an Armistice with Acadia, ending the Euphemian conflict. During these events, Trentannia, taking advantage of the crisis began an aggressive campaign of expansion in West Althena, conquering much of it's neighbors, creating a new Trentannian Empire in a battered world.


Tensions between governments that escalated into open war began in early October and thru November of 2012, however the actual date of the conflict's beginning is recorded as November 19th, 2012 with Folland's declaration of War with Acadia and Marqualis. Even though war on Euphemia broke out when the Acadian Federation began attacks in Kaskaskia, Folland's declaration of war is what brought in several other nations into the fighting.

The end date of the war can be debated. Some believe the war ended when the Acadian Federation offered a peace treaty with Folland, depending on conditional terms which favored Acadia. Others say the war in Euphemia officially ended with Folland's agreement and signing of the treaty on April 20th of 2013. However even though the war in Euphemia ended, conflicts around the world still raged which were more or less spurred by the Follandan-Acadian War.


Tensions between the Follandan Republic and the Acadian Federation sparked with the Fraesian War. Acadia used the drone attacks on one of it's city as a reason to invade the Euphemian nation, effectively taking hostage the Capital city and beginning a ground war with it's defending Army. Even though Hinali sided with the Acadian government against the terror attacks, opposition to Acadia's actions soon grew as Folland condemned the Invasion as overkill and unnecessary. As time went by, Acadia's military efforts in Fraesia increased, which only forced Folland's opposing views even larger to the point that Folland launched an international lawsuit against Acadia in the USNW Court. The case fell into a bloody stalemate as Folland didn't have enough of the law on it's side to actually find Acadia guilty, and eventually local political tensions outpaced the pace of the court case to where the lawsuit no longer mattered. War was coming.

Pre War Events

Dead War Tensions

The Acadian war and occupation in Fraesia is the main reason that sparked the heated animosity between the Follandan Republic and the Acadian Federation. At first Folland was sympathetic of the Acadian government and people from the terror attacked allegedly launched by the Fraesian government, however that sympathy turned into opposition when Folland turned on it's heel, claiming Acadia's full scale invasion of the country as well as holding Fraesia's capital city "at gunpoint" was completely unnecessary and over the line. President Randall didn't take kindly to the statements and began an aggressive foreign policy with Folland. It peaked with the passing of the Sovereignty Act, which by law gave President Randall full authority (in Acadia at least) to declare war on any country it sees as posing a direct threat to it's own interests. This was, though, mostly as an act of intimidation pointed toward Folland.

Militarization of Fraesia

Escalating tensions arose with the Acadian military occupation of Fraesia after it's war with the country. Folland, as well as several other opposing nations wanted Acadia to withdraw from the country since it's war with Fraesia had ceased and there was no reason for a continued military presence of such substance. However these demands fell on deaf ears with the Randall administration, and instead increased the number of troops in Fraesia. With Folland increasingly getting in Acadia's way, President Randall announces it's military is moving Nuclear Weapons into Fraesia in an effort to intimidate Folland into submission. Instead this only proved to provoke more heated tension between the two, especially since Folland contrarily was not armed with Nuclear weapons itself, making the policy of Mutually Assured Destruction a moot point. The announcement of the Nuclear arming provoked mass panic in Folland where citizens fled to the countryside in droves fearing of an attack. Responding the the blunt move several Battalions of the Army were moved to the border under an anticipation of an Invasion, should Chancellor Moen order the Army to attack the Nuclear launchers first before they have a chance to fire.

Marqualis Involvement

Follandan Special Forces Raids in Fraesia

In desperation due to Acadian Nukes being deployed just one the other side of the border, the Follandan Military decided to send in Army Special Forces Rangers into Fraesia in an attempt to discover and disable any Nuclear Weapon launchers found.

On a dark, cold night in November, Army Rangers crossed the border into Fraesia in prototype Stealth helicopters that had been classified to the public. Dropped off in fields near known Acadian military buildups, they began their mission with the objective of finding missile launchers that had the purpose of firing Nuclear warheads. The mission, however, only lasted just two hours before everything went wrong. Unfortunately due to either the sheer number of Acadian military present in the field, or just bad luck the teams were caught without having made much success, and were held by the Acadian AIA on espionage charges. The Acadian government were going to try the Special Forces units and imprison them in Acadia, however the Follandan Chancellor negotiated for their release back to Folland by promising President Randall that no more Follandan military forces would be moved into Fraesia. This promise, however would soon prove to be empty as events unfold.

Coup in Kaskaskia

Acadian Invasion of Kaskaskia

Follandan Declaration of War

Course of the War

Battle of the Rites

Invasion of Folland

West Coast Invasion

South Border Invasion

The Fall of Hinali

The Great Plains Retreat

Battles of Carentoba

Fall of Leahpolis

Fall of Chetal

Acadian Scorched Earth Campaign

Insulonian Involvement

Miracle at Uthersfield

Operation United Deliverance

Battle of the Okanamapi Strait

Battle of Inalis Bay

Second Battle of Hinali

Treaty of Cecina


Acadian Civil War



West Althena

East Althena