Schwieset Institut für Fahrzeuge des Krieges

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Schwieset Institut für Fahrzeuge des Krieges (SIFK) (English: Schwieset Institute for Vehicles of War) is a composite of Schwieset state-owned enterprises, with the aim of making the Schwiester military independent of foreign sources for its equipment needs. It was established in 1867 in Turn. During the early parts of the 20th century Schwieset put in an effort to make itself independent of foreign suppliers of military aircraft. Long-standing connections to the ETH Zurich ensured the necessary know-how. After the SFK C-3604 the production of aircraft came to an end, however the production of armoured fighting vehicles for the Schwieseter Army continued.

The Panzer 68 family is the only product that is still in production at SIFK, the family of vehicles were modified a huge number of times the last being in 2005 which saw the addition of a high tech sighting system and advanced night vision. The ammunition of the tank was also upgraded to keep up with the ever changing world of tanks. The most extensive action the tanks saw was during the Bergen wars which they proved their worth at tank on tank skirmishes and due to it's smaller than average size highly mobile in the Atlas Mountains where the Etruscan MBT struggled.