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Raelion Cae
Type Incorporated
Traded as RC
Industry Metallurgies, Manufacturing
Predecessor(s) Raelion Campeillo
Founded 1903
Founder(s) Marcus Iallon Campeillo

Corpore Aurum, Greater Morsco

Number of locations 5,730
Area served Worldwide
Key people CEO : Antonius Emerinicon
Products Gold, Steel, Diamonds, Vehicles, Electronics...
Services Many
Revenue File:11px-Increase2.svg.png450 billion(2011)
Operating income File:11px-Increase2.svg.png95 billion(2011)
Net income File:11px-Increase2.svg.png72 billion(2011)
Total assets File:11px-Increase2.svg.png284 billion(2011)
Total equity File:11px-Increase2.svg.png114 billion(2011)
Owner(s) Aelsthron Iallon II
Employees 2.3 million
Divisions Raelion Cae Euphemia, Raelion Cae Neridea, Raelion Cae Althena; Raelion Cae Auris, Raelion Cae Metallurgy, Raelion Cae Electronics, Raelion Cae Manufacturing;
Subsidiaries Raelion Imeriatis, Raelion Pluthus, Elsium Mining Limited, Eushamna Campeillo
Website www.Raelion.Cae.rc

For other uses, see Raelion Cae(disambiguation)

Raelion Cae Magnus or Raelion Cae, is an Morscan multinational industrial and mining corporation, and the largest public supercorporation in the world. It is a direct descendant of Marcus I. Campeillo's Raelion Campeillo company, and was formed on March 15, 1903, by the merging Raelion Campeillo with Magnus Mining. Its headquarters are lcated in Corpore Aurum, Greater Morsco. It is largest of the three Golden Triangle, others are Aelon and Laestrom Auros, both of them being one of the largest corporations in the world.

Raelion Cae Magnus is the second largest publicly traded company by market capitalization in the world(although HedjazOil and Ashton Mutual companies have even higher revenue, but they are government owned an are not publicly traded), having been always ranked No.1 for the past 16 years. Raelion Cae's golden reserves were 12,234.8 tons and platinium reserves were 639.3 tons at the end of 2011 . With more than 16,300 square kilometers of land using for mining in 34 countries, 650 kg of platinium, 2.13 tons of gold and massive amounts of other resources miner everyday, Raelion Cae is the largest mining corporation, and greatest producer of gold and platinium in the world, holding this position for more than 15 years.

Raelion Cae is the largest of the six industrial and mining supermajors, with more than 2.3 million employees(2011) all over the world. In 2011, its production of steel was about 4.2% of the world total on average, which is much more than most nations. Its production of gold and platinium was highest in the world(31.7%) When ranked by gold reserves it is 2nd in the world with more than 6.4% of the total, larger reserves has only Greater Morsco, 6.62%.

Raelion Cae also expanded to many other industries than mining and processing, like electronics and IT industries, and also transportation industry. Raelion Cae also significantly helped with construction of International Space Station Destiny.


The Raelion Cae Corporation headquarters is located in Corpore Aurum, northern Greater Morsco. Raelion markets products around the world are known under the brands of Raelion, Nephlon, and Auronia. It is divided to three major parts, Raelion Cae Althena, Raelion Cae Euphemia and Raelion Cae Neridea. It also owns hundreds of smaller subsidiaries such as Raelion Pluthus, Raelion Auris, Elsium Mining Limited (75.6% ownership) in Neridea, and Eushamna Campeillo, a shipping company.

The Superior division(mining and processing the materials) dominates the company's cashflow, accounting for approximately 74% of revenue. The company employs over 2,300,000 people worldwide, as indicated in Raelion Cae's 2011 Corporate Citizen Report, with approximately 150.000 employees in the Corpore Aurum, central of the corporation, and 1,054,000 people in entire Greater Morsco.

Other countries to what Raelion Cae Magnus has expanded include Peilan, Jhekong and Schumi on the eastern Althena, Trentannia, Rallistan, Mellechia and Asmiriva on central and western Althena and also some western althenian nations, nations of Belgovia and Polandria on Itzamna, and Shayden, Platte and Obowo in Euphemia. Also, it expanded to Dantaneanea and Ordanus in the Neridea, and Quechina in Carreon, 35 countries at total.


First predecessor of Raelion Cae Magnus was formed in 1864 by Marcus Iallon Campeillo I, cousin of General Antonius Campeillo, as Raelion Campeillo. It was one of the minor corporations in the first years, but later it gained importance and in year 1873 it mined on more than 100 square kilometers of the Rozhetean Mountains, where is located one of the largest gold and platinium deposits in the world.

In 1889, Marcus I. Campeillo died, and his son Marcus I. Campeillo II became the owner of the company. In these times, company became one of the largest gold productor in Greater Morsco, and also started to promote other industrial sectors, like manufacturing. In years 1894-1902, famous scientist and inventor Dean Athallas Euthasos worked for Raelion Campeillo. This time, Raelion Campeillo was beginning to spread to Western Althena and Trentannia, and was starting to rival the domestic Trentannian mining corporation Magnus.

In 1903, Raelion Campeillo and Magnus decided to partially merge with each other, and corporation of Raelion Campeillo Magnus was created - it stayed with this name to current times. Partial merging caused great expansion in first few years and profit for the company, and for that, in 1911, both companies decided to fully unite. Nicolas Campeillo from Raelion Campeillo became the leader of company after that.

Over the next few decades, Raelion Campeillo Magnus grew significantly, and it became the largest gold miner and producer in the world. Many other mining corporations joined with it, including Aeskylla Mining from Peilan and D'Oro from Insulo. In the Euphemia region, where were also located major deposits of precious metals, Raelion Cae expanded with production and processing of metals there in 1943. In these years, it was operating in more than 12 countries in the world.

Another major planned expansions to the western Althena were interrupted by the Great Adonian War, and following trade embargo. This caused great reduction of the operating territory of the company, and great loss of profit. In the war years, Raelion Campeillo expanded to other industry alternatives, manufacturing, transportation and chemical industries.

After the Great Adonian War, the Great Crisis began in Trentannia, and that caused next period of decline. It was planning to divide Raelion Campeillo Magnus to 23 companies, but this was stopped when the Ecrathom Iallon took over the company, and started rapid expansion to western Althena and Euphemia. Next decades to year 1998, Raelion Campeillo Magnus was gradually gaining importance and spreaded to all continents of Adonia, now owned by Aelsthron Iallon I. It engulfed majority of Adonian private mining corporations, and was now mining on dozens of resources from gold, copper and platinium to iron, nickel, coal and natural gas.

On October 1, 2002, aeroplane struck the headquarters of Raelion Campeillo in Corpore Aurum, severely damagind three out of eight buildings in the compex and killing 865 people, including Aelshron Iallon I, who was on important summit of corporate magnates held there, all of them were killed. For that, 1.st of October was declared World Business day. Entire complex was rebuild after that, in years 2003 - 2008. Aelsthron Iallon II became the owner of corporation.

In 2005, Raelion Cae was largest public corporation in the world for 10 years, holding this post longer than any other corporation. It gained this position in 1995 by overcoming company of Shayden Industries . It now operates in 33 countries, and had the second highest gold reserves in the world.

On 11 August 2011, Raelion Campeillo experienced another major growth, now with revenue of more than 220 billion Enieo($ 449 bil.,© 26 bil.), being leading superpower in mining industry, and major in manufacturing, electronics and chemical industries, along with another two Eastern Althenian supercorporations Aelon Opthus and Laestrom Auros, together with Raelion Cae known as the "Golden Triangle"

In early 2012, massive process was held for Raelion Cae's massive irreversible enviromental damage in Morsco, Peilan, Itzamna, Carreon and Shayden, and minor violation of human rights by some of its subsidiaries in Peilan. For that,Ælsthron II Palatine, Count Iallon, was sentenced to thirty years in jail with chance of parole after fifteen years, and then sent to home prison to his mansion in El Thullia, while he lost his ownership to Raelion Cae and officially announced his son, Flavius Palatine, new owner of the company, although he still keeps the title of Count Iallon. Members of the Executive Cabinet, including Chief Executive Officer Antonius Emerinicon were sentenced to life in jail with chance of parole after forty years, and then transported to Canconomicum National Prison in Greater Morsco. On March 3.rd, Marcus Ficius was named new CEO of Raelion Cae, and agreed to make Raelion Cae Magnus as enviroment friendly as possible.

File:Raelion Super Pit.png
Raelion Super Pit, located near Corpore Aurum

Corporate Affairs

Raelion Cae is a multinational supercorporation headquartered in Corpore Aurum, Greater Morsco, as a complex of 22 huge building, with central Tower of Raelion Campeillo Magnus in the center. More than 150.000 pople work in this complex. About 21 kilometers to the north of it is located famous Raelion Super Pit, second largest cut mine in the world. Its Auridia Magna main offices are located at 11 Via Auria in the Campeillo Center, also known as Raelion Building for the huge Raelion logo located on the wall over the main entrance. Headquarters of the majority of minor corporations cooperating with Raelion Cae are also located in the building. Campeillo Center was built in year 1985, and is 400 m high.

Raelion Campeillo also cooperates with two other mostly mining and metallurgy orientated corporations, Aelon (2.nd largest in the world), and Laestrom Auros. For great rivalry between these three corporations Aelon and Laestrom Auros are currently greatly expanding to financial services and energetics industry.

Antonius Emerinicon is the current chairman of the board and chief executive officer of RC. He was selected by Raelion Cae's Board of Directors in 2009 to replace Adrian Imeros following his retirement. Previously, Emerinicon had headed Raelion Cae Auros division as its President and CEO. Emerinicon has also been elected as one of USNW financial advisors.

RC's divisions include RC Auris, RC Metallurgy, RC Electronics, and RC Manufacturing. Through these businesses, RC participates in a wide variety of markets including the mining, processing and distribution of metals and resources (e.g. steel, copper and gold), industrial automation, computers, electronic devices, motors, cars, aircraft jet engines, and aviation services. It has a official presence in 35 countries, and unofficial in more than 120.

RC also expanded to jewellery industry, and often sells special sets of extremely expensive jewels, what are very popular. It also hold many world records, like most expensive mobile phone, notebook and ring, largest golden statue in the world(Statue of General Campeillo, located in the Magna Auridia), and cooperates with hundreds of smaller jewellery orientated companies, as supplier of precious metals and gems.

In 2011, Central Financial ranked Raelion Cae Magnus the 1st largest public company in the world, as well as the 2nd most profitable. Other rankings for 2011 include the following:

  • #2 best global brand
  • #4 most innovative company.


Raelion Cae is the largest non-government owned company in the metallury and mining industry and produces about 12 percent of the world's Gold, 18% of world's Platinum, 3.5% of world's steel, 5% of world's silver, 4% of world's copper and 9.3% of world's diamonds, being the largest producer of Gold, Platinum and Diamonds in the world. It also produces 0.1% of world's electronics and 1% of world vehicles.

Raelion Cae, like other mining and metallurgy companies, is struggling to find new deposits of the gold, copper and similar resources. According to World Economic Journal, its operating area grows about 4.6% every year from 2001.

Financial Data

Financial Data $ millions
Year-end 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
Total revenue 383 320 394 293 379 945 407 438 402 342 449 686 481 205
Net income 64 120 62 300 69 910 71 226 67 230 72 460 74 920
Total assets 238 335 241 015 273 882 262 052 287 323 288 342 296 102



From the end of Great Adonian War, Raelion Cae was often criticised for being enviroment unfriendly, unecologic and seriously damaged mountain environments all over the world, by mining there. Majority of criticisms were aimed on the open cut mines of Raelion Cae, the Raelion Super Pit, Raelion-Quechina Super Pit, Nephlon Gold Mine, Carreon Grand Pit, and many other, what, as ecological protesters said, "severely and irreversibly damaged the natural environment and landscape in these areas, killed millions of plants and animals, and polluted extreme amounts of water and soil". Raelion Cae still hardly resists against enviroment protest groups, but CEO Antonius Emerinicon agreed that he will change some things and will try to make Raelion Cae more ecological.

In years 1993 and 2002, major protests were held against Raelion Cae, for that they "destroyed hundreds square kilometers of forests and decimated the population of Rozhetean tigers to less than 500 exemplars for the gold, platinum and money."

In early 2012 process against Raelion Cae for enviromental devastation, company was fined the sum of 45,075,000,000 Enieos, what was split up into 15 billion Enieos going towards repairing environmental damages in the Greater Morsco, 10 billion Enieos going towards repairing the environment in Quechina, 10 billion towards environmental restoration in all affected Itzamnan nations, 5 billion towards restoring the Sanese environment to pristine condition, 5 billion towards the environment of Shayden. CEO of company, Antonius Emericonos, was sent to life in jail.

Human Rights

In the beginning of 2001, several human rights groups brought cases to hold Ralion Cae Magnus accountable for alleged human rights violations in Quechina and eastern Itzamna, including summary execution, crimes against humanity, torture, inhumane treatment, and forced work. In 2004, Raelion agreed to pay $24.5 million in a legal settlement. Raelion Cae Magnus has not accepted any liability over the allegations against it.

In 2009, Raelion was the subject of an Amnesty International report into the deterioration of human rights as a consequence of it's activities in the Northern Peilan. In particular, Amnesty criticised the continuation of forced work and inhumane treatment.

In early 2012, Raelion Cae was again brought to court in major case, because some of its subsidiaries in Peilan and Itzamna still used forced work and slave workers; For that, total number of 32 subsidiaries was split from Raelion Cae, their CEO's were sent to jail, and mother company agreed to pay fine of 75 million Enieos to 2250 affected people.