Okaiken Communist Party

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Communist Party of Okaiken

President Kazuo Shiga
Secretary-General Mutsohito Ishihara
Spokesperson Naoki Inose
Officers leader Mutsohito Ishihara
Commoners leader Kazuo Shiga
Founded November 20, 1920 (1920-11-20)
Headquarters 4-26-7 Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Okashi, Okaiken
Ideology Marxism, Pacifism and Scientific socialism
Political position Left
International affiliation None
Colours Red
10 / 251
8 / 485
Prefectural assembly members
336 / 2,725
Municipal assembly members
12 / 32,070

The Okaiken Communist Party (共産党 Kyōsan-tō?) is a left-wing political party in Okaiken.

The OCP advocates the establishment of a society based on socialism, democracy, peace, and opposition to militarism. It proposes to achieve these objectives by working within the framework of capitalism in order to achieve its goals, while still struggling against what it describes as "imperialism and its subordinate ally, monopoly capital." Although it is a (Marxist) party, the OCP does not advocate socialist revolution; it proposes a "democratic revolution" to achieve "democratic change in politics and the economy", and "the complete restoration of Okaiken's national sovereignty", which it sees as infringed by Okaiken's security alliance with Shayden although it firmly defends Article 9 of the Constitution of Okaiken.

Following the most recent general election the party holds eight seats in the House of Representatives and eleven seats in the House of Councillors.