Militärische Schwieseter Geschütze

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Militärische Schwieseter Geschütze
Type Private
Industry Arms
Headquarters Endävan, Schwieset, Bergenstein
Area served Worldwide
Employees 7,934
SIG buildings in
MSG P220

Militärische Schwieseter Geschütze (Brullan for Military Schwieseter Guns, or known as MSG, is a Schwieseter company that has been active in various businesses during its more than 150 years of operation. Since the year 2000 the Society has undergone strategic refocus, concentrating on its core compentence in packaging technology and arms manufacture.


The origins of the original MSG company lies in the Schwizburg Wagon Factory created in 1853 by Friedrich Peyer im Hof, Heinrich Moser and Conrad Neher. After winning a competition put on by the Schwieseter Military, a contract to produce 30,000 muskets was awarded. They changed their name to Militärische Schwieseter Geschütze (MSG).


In 1853, MSG was founded as a manufacturer of railway cars. In the late 1970s, MSG was one of two builders of [[|]] latest tram, the [[|]] L1. Only the first six CLRV cars were made by MSG, the rest by UTDC. The tilting system of the SBB RABDe 500 was developed by MSG.


From 1860 MSG produced firearms. MSG produces the first automatic rifle of the world - Mondragón produced between 1901 and ~1910. The SIG P210 pistol was developed between 1938 and 1945, and was adopted by the Swiss military in 1949 as the "Pistole 49". The single-action semi-automatic P210 brought MSG much acclaim, due to the precision manufacturing processes employed in its manufacture and its resultant accuracy and reliability. The P210 frame design incorporates external rails that fit closely with the slide, thus eliminating "play" in the mechanism during firing. The P210 was replaced by the Schwieseter military in 1975 with the P220, dubbed the "Pistole 75". In a 1984 bidding contest to provide more than 300,000 sidearms to the ____ military, the P226 was narrowly defeated by the Beretta 92FS.

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