Mercer-Levanta Metropolitan Area

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—  Metropolitan Area of the Kuyrut-Shayden Shared Economic Zone  —
Mercer-Levanta Metropolitan Area
Country  Kuyrut
Core Cities Mercer
Minor Cities Crosham, Los Altos, Marshall, Mushai, Nexus, Grand Bay
 • Total 6,984 sq mi (18,088 km2)
Population (2014)
 • Total 5,702,593
 • Density 816.52/sq mi (315.3/km2)

The Mercer-Levanta Metropolitan Area, also known as Mercer-Levanta and Levanta-Mercer is a international metropolitan area, or conurbation, that surrounds Mercer Bay in Northern Kuyrut/Southern Shayden on the borders of two large Euphemian cities of Mercer, Gran Shayden, Kuyrut and Levanta, Trenton, Shayden. The region consists of the Shaydenian County of Noral, and the Kuyrutian Counties of Mercer, Shyerdal, and Wayne. The 2012 population of the region was 5,702,593, making it the largest bi-national conurbation between Shayden and Kuyrut and the second largest in Euphemia.

Mercer-Levanta is also known as Silicon Bay for the region's large number of silicon chip innovators and manufacturers, but eventually came to refer to all high-tech businesses in the area, and is now generally used as a metonym for the Euphemian high-technology sector. Despite the growth of other technology communities in the world, the Mercer-Levanta metropolitan region is still considered one of the largest innovators in technology, with over a hundred new startups registered each year and home to many large technology firms. The region also contains the majority of Venture Capital investments in Euphemia.

The region has its historical roots as a Native Euphemian tribal territory that had been taken over by an Insulo military regiment. Since 1645 the city of Costa Brillante, Kuyrut has occupied the southern edge of the bay. The city, now no longer important to the economic and political focus of the region is still a major tourist destination. The first Kuyrutian settlement in the area had been in Evans as a trading post with Trentannian territories in the north. By 1856 the land had been claimed by Shayden, and the city of Levanta had been established. The cities joined as one metropolitan area in 1976 after the creation of the Kuyrut-Shayden Shared Economic Zone across the northern border.



The Mercer-Levanta Metropolitan Area encompass 47 cities and towns, the largest being Mercer, Levanta and Evans.

Major cities in the Mercer-Levanta Metropolitan Area
City County Population
Mercer Mercer County 1,031,853
Levanta Noral County 952,130
Evans Shyerdal County 705,953
Marshall Wayne County 216,053
Crosham Noral County 130,912
Los Altos Shyerdal County 109,533
Mushai Noral County 101,053
Nexus Noral County 95,123
Grand Bay Mercer County 91,133



The Mercer-Levanta has a subtropical Northern Alcadean climate (Köppen Csb). The region has an average of 198 days (301 days inland) of sunshine and an annual mean temperature of 60.5°F. The majority of the region is inland, but the two primary cities are located on the coast of the Mercer Bay. The annual rainfall of the region is 43.82in, compared to some other parts of the Bay Area, which can receive about three times that amount.






Fiber Optics Network

The city governments of the Mercer-Levanta region in partnership with Cornell Inc. and Itzamna since 2009 to encourage further growth has provided low-cost high speed gigabit internet within the urban areas of both cities. The fiber optic network is operated by the Mercer-Levante internet organization run by the city of Mercer. The city allows internet service providers to use the network. Currently Itzemna Internet Services, Chairfost, and Telelink use the network to provide internet to the residents and industries of the region. The cities of Mercer and Levanta both run their own internet service providers that offer free gigabit internet to startups and low income residents.


The nations of Kuyrut and Shayden do not share an electric grid, thus both partitions of the Mercer-Levanta region do not share the same energy operators. In the North, the Shaydenian government energy company provides power to Trenton County. In the South, Amceo operates and manages energy.



The region of Mercer-Levanta is home to 17 airports, four of them being international airports. Mercer-Levanta Transbay International Airport, Mercer-Grand Bay International Airport, Evans International Airport and Levanta Smith International Airport make up the four largest of the airports. Mercer-Levanta Transbay, the largest of the airports is a bi-national airport run by the Governments of both states, the airport itself is split until passing through security, where all the terminals are combined for both nation's use. The airport itself is the 16th largest airport in Euphemia with 39,043,708 passenger movements in 2012. Mercer-Grand Bay International Airport, the second largest airport with 4,053,213 passenger movements is also a bi-national airport, that is operated by the Mercer airport authority. The Mercer-Grand Bay airport's main terminal is wholly located in Kuyrut, meaning the airport was required to have a port of entry for passengers before entering the airport.

Mercer-Levanta Transbay Airport is located in an unincorporated area of Mercer, 12mi (19.3km) from the city center of Mercer, and 8mi (12.9km) from the city center of Levanta. The Mercer-Grand Bay Airport is located near the downtown Grand Bay and is 2mi (3.2km) from the city center of Grand Bay and 14.4mi(23.1km) from the city center of Levanta. Evans International airport is located 8.1mi (13km) from the center of Evans. Levanta Smith is 4mi (6.4km) from the center for Levanta

Major highways


The Mercer-Levanta deepwater port is located 21.4mi (34.3km) from the city center of Mercer and is located in Grand Bay. The port is both a cruise ship port and a freight port that has a trade volume of over 1.2 million TEU's.

Ports of Entry

Since 1976, the Governments of Shayden and Kuyrut under the Kuyrut-Shayden Shared Economic Zone has a fare free border crossing for passenger and light freight traffic. The shared economic zone covers the entirety of the of the Mercer-Levanta Metropolitan Area besides the Marvell no fly zone. Heavy Freight Traffic are excluded from free fares and must pay a rate based on tonnage of the vehicle. The major ports of entry include McKesson-Dawes Freeway, which handles 40% of the major freight traffic in the region and the Mercer Bay Bridge, which has border posts on the Shayden side.

Since 2001 all major ports of entry have been streamlined for the fastest transport between the nations. Citizens since the revamp of the ports have been allowed to be screened for a transnational free pre-clearance id that allows a passenger to pass through a fast lane with minimal delay. Currently 3,650,043 (2012) of the residents of the metropolitan area have active pre-clearences.


Major Business Districts

Kuyrut-Shayden Shared Economic Zone

Notable Companies

Thousands of high technology companies are headquartered in the Mercer-Levanta Metropolitan Area. The most notable include:

  • Adercomm - Based in Mercer; A semiconductor company that manufactures wireless telecommunications services.
  • Apex - Based in Mercer; Community Based Transportation
  • Applied Materials - Based in Grand Bay; An major computer part manufacturer.
  • Atlas - Based in Evans; Image sharing platform and social networking.
  • Chirp - Based in Mercer; Social Networking.
  • Cloud Inc. - Based in Mercer; A cloud computing service.
  • Consetrics - Based in Mercer; Cloud computing and metrics.
  • Cube - Based in Mercer; Cloud based data storage.
  • Deviant AE - Based in Mercer; A holding company for various technology patents.
  • EHC - Based in Levanta; A major computer and computer service company.
  • EXc - Based in Levanta; A major A semiconductor chip manufacturer.
  • Fumbl - Based in Levanta; Social Networking.
  • Goggle - Based in Levanta; A search engine and internet services company.
  • iShares - Based in Mercer; E-Finance and Cloud computing.
  • Itzamna - Based in Evans; An online shopping and warehousing website. A Kurtilifa 20 Component
  • Jon Inc. - Based in Levanta; A major computer manufacturer.
  • Landisk - Based in Evans; A computer storage and memory manufacturer.
  • Lisieux Gaming - Based in Levanta; A video game publisher.
  • - Based in Mercer; Travel
  • Metrik - Based in Evans; A major hard disk manufacturer.
  • MetroCities - Based in Mercer; Community Based Social Networking
  • Pelay Corporation - Based in Levanta; A major computer manufacturer.
  • Performance Micro Devices - Based in Mercer; A semiconductor chip manufacturer.
  • Simulated Electronics - Based in Mercer; A major computer manufacturer.
  • Square - Based in Mercer; Financial Transaction/E-Commerce solutions.
  • Syntec - Based in Evans; A major computer manufacturer.
  • Telelink - Based in Mercer; A fabless semiconductor and broadband communication business.
  • TMT Motor Corporation - Based in Mercer; An electric car manufacturer.

Additional notable companies with offices in the region include:

Higher Education

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