List of Companies based in the Great Southern Kingdom

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Sports Car Manufacturer

Auto Manufacturer

Ceased. Split into Peilenese run WM Corp and Praeian run Wanderer Group.

Specialty Auto Manufacturer and Tuning Shop based in Mayheathshire

Basic materials

Steel Producer and Manufacturer.

Consumer goods

Big Box Shaydenese inspired Fishing Superstores. 25 stores located across Praeia, mostly in the Southlands, Loymon and Duneria. Few located in the Northlands.

Whiskey and Loym Producer from Loymon. Produces Internationally known Whiskey brands such as Calum, John Ferguson,



Aquilonia, Praeia, Calma Union Bank. Multinational bank headquartered in Hampton.

Praeian Standard Trust and Insurance Corporation

Car Insurance Corporation

Life Insurance

Auto Insurance

Health care

Pharmaceutical Company based in Dune

Pharmaceutical Company based in Hampton


National Mail Carrier through the Kingdom.

Privately run Mail Service


News Corporation Based in Hampton, Kelhand.

Oil & gas

International Gasoline and Petroleum manufacturer and distributor.

National Natural Gas Corporation.



Nationalized Telecommunications Company

Wireless Phone Carrier

Travel & leisure

Tobacco Corporation based in Dune at the Whitebroke Tower. South Coast is responsible for the production of Lords and Commons (L&C), White Cliffs, Rising Suns, 315's, Grassland Menthols and many others.

Flagship National Carrier

Flagship Carrier of Duneria

International Airline based in Suley.

International Airline based in Hampton

International Airline based in Burwick.

Charter Airline. Operates through West Althenea.