Kise Ryouta

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Kise Ryouta
Official Portrait of the Minister for Internal and External Communications
Official Portrait of Kise
Minister for Internal and External Communications
Assumed office
31 March 2014
Premier Seijuro Akashi
Preceded by Wei Liu
Personal details
Born (1988-06-18) 18 June 1988 (age 30)
Kaijo Prefecture, Teiko
Political party None
Spouse(s) Engaged, Yukio Kasamatsu
Children None
Alma mater University of Kaijou
Occupation Singer, Model, Dancer, Actor

Kise Ryouta (Sanese: 喜瀬良太 born June 18, 1988) is the current Minister for Internal and External Communications (MICE) of Teiko. On March 31 2014, Premier Seijuro Akashi swore in Ryouta as his second Minister for Internal and External Communication replacing Wei Liu who perished during the 2014 Oceanic Airlines Crash. Kise Ryouta is the first Teiko Cabinet member who have a background in entertainment industry after being a model and actor in his early childhood till late teenage years. He is also a hiatus member of Vocaloid, one of Teiko's most famous singing bands. As of the moment, Kise Ryouta has pledged not to do any work relating to the entertainment industry before his term ends in 2015.

Early Life

Kise Ryouta was born in Kaijo Prefecture, Teiko to Thai-Teiko parents. Kise has one older brother Nichan, and one foster younger sister, Naechi. At the age of five, he moved to Rakuzan Region with his family and studied at Inagakuen Public School. At the age of twelve, he studied at Yamamura Kokusai High School in which he was delayed for one year in his second year due to financial problems. After high school he moved back to Kaijon where he was granted a BL Scholarship Award at the University of Kaijou (UoK) and took up Bachelor of Arts in Literature as he wanted to be a novelist. However, his plans was dashed in his third year in college when he was appointed as a member of the UoK Warrios, the strongest collegiate basketball team during its pinnacle years. Finding pleasure in the sport, Kise decided to joined the the Teiko National Basketball Association a year after he graduated in college but his membership was short-lived due to the sudden growth of his demand in the entertainment world.

Entertainment Career

In 2000, Kise who were 12 back then was bringing in papers left by his mother that was needed in a meeting when one of the advertising campaign managers managed to catch a glimpse of the little boy in the company hallway. Perhaps fonded and amused, Ihio Hasa, gave Kise a stuff toy which soon became a symbol of an unparalleled friendship.

Kise Ryouta and Kaito Shion of Vocaloid in a concert at Teiko, 2012

It wasn't a year later that Adronica International, a consumer good company via the efforts of Ihio Hasa commissioned Kise to advertise its products to the market. Since then Kise has been doing a lot of commercials under Hasa from 2000-2003. Taking advantage of his rising popularity, Kise was then advised to take in active participation in television shows. Kise's first TV program appearance debuted in 2005 with the afternoon segment of Devon Media Corporation.

Kise Ryouta posting for one his shoots, 2012

Kise continued to have television appearance until he moved back to Kaijou after his high school. In Kaijou, Kise worked for Nihakawa Advertising Center as model appearing in fashion magazines. Despite the tough schedule, Kise managed to establish a good reputation of himself as model that by his third year, he was already considered to be one of Teiko's most successful celebrities.

Kise did not pursue his career in basketball and opted for media instead. From 2009-2013, Kise joined several television shows and was featured in many movies. He became a member of Vocaloid in 2012 after he signing a five-year contract with JYP Entertainment which gives the latter. Kise also released two solo albums in 2010 and 2012. He continued to remain active in the media world until early 2014 where he announced that he will be accepting Teiko Premier Seijuro Akashi's request of appointing him as Minister for Internal and External Communications bringing in both controversy from other politicians and dismay to his fans.

Minister for Internal and External Communications

Kise Ryouta's appointment to the Ministry of Internal and External Communications was both met with criticisms and praised. Being the first Teiko Cabinet official to have been a singer, model and actor, many politicians slams Seijuro Akashi of inter-weaving the media and politics and taking advantage of it to clean its administration's image as the Teiko National Election of 2014 is coming fast in November. However, Akashi himself declined the accusations and instead called out his opponents as worrisome and anxious as they know they have failed to please the Teikonians in their present term.

Kise Ryouta with the late MICE Minister Wei Liu, 2013

Kise Ryouta was a

Kise Ryouta in a state visit in Abbasid, 2014
Kise Ryouta visiting a nursery in Rakuzan City, 2014

Personal Life

Kise Ryouta in 2013 de

2PM’s Nichkhun is one of the most successful foreign celebrities in Korea. JYP Entertainment’s (JYPE) founder, Park Jin Young, described Nichkhun as “a natural born celebrity.”[citation needed]

Kise Ryouta and Yukio Kasamatsu in their public confession at the Marukawa Mid-Year Summit

Pressured by the growing controversies, Kise Ryouta publicly announced on April 3, 2014 that he is in a relationship with his long time best friend and schoolmate, Yukio Kasamatsu. He said that they have been dating since the end of last year for 4 months now. The public confession received both negative criticisms from traditionalists and affirmation from the liberals. Teiko premier Seijuro Akashi personally congratulated the couple and even the supported the relationship. Kise Ryouta is considered to one of the handful Teiko personalities who were not afraid enough to come out of the box. The couple has not stated yet whether they will pursue a wedding especially now that the Same-Sex Marriage Act of 2013 has been signed into law.



Year Title Network Role Note
2008 Hot Blood Men Mnet Himself Pre-debut days
Idol Army Season 3 MBC Himself
2008–2009 Star King SBS Himself Recurring in the show
2008 Yashimanman Season 2 SBS Himself
2009 2PM Wild Bunny Mnet Himself
2010 We Got Married MBC Himself Last episode aired on September 17, 2011. Main article: Khuntoria
Running Man SBS Himself Appeared in Ep 4-5, 19, 40, 50-51, 104, 195 as guest
All My Love MBC Fake OkYup
More Charming By The Day SBS Nichkhun Horvejkul Ep 76
2011 Dream High KBS Cameo As one of the commercial actor in episode 8
Welcome To The Show SBS Nichkhun
2PM Show SBS Himself
2013 A Song For You From 2PM KBS Himself
Mamma Mia KBS Himself Guest w/ his mother
Cool Kidz On The Block KBS Himself Appeared in Ep 14-15 as guest
2014 Cool Kidz On The Block KBS Himself Appeared in Ep 39-40 as guest


Sanese solo songs

  • 2008: "We Become One"
  • 2009: "Let's Take a Break"
  • 2009: "Cute"

Sanese Vocaloid songs

  • 2011: "My Valentine"

Trentannian songs

  • 2012: "Let It Rain"

Other languages songs

  • 2014: "So Wonderful"


Year Award Category Nominated work Result
2009 Mnet 20's Choice Awards Hot Mr. Beauty Award Nichkhun Won
2010 allkpop Awards Best Social Network Personality Template:Nom
MBC Entertainment Awards Popularity Award We Got Married Won
2011 allkpop Awards Best Social Network Personality Nichkhun Template:Nom
2012 Kerd Awards Kerd of the Year (Thailand) Won


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