Kingdom of Bevania

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Kingdom of Bevania
Königreich Baßven
1223–1817 30px

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Capital Stroß (1223-1289)
Meinich (1289-1760)
Rhinestadt (1760-1771)
Meinich (1771-1817)
Languages Bevanian
Government Absolute monarchy
 -  1223-1228 Johann I (first)
 -  1802-1817 Sophia (last)
Historical era Bruellen Wars
 -  Established 12 March 1223
 -  Unified as part of the Bruellan Federation 13 August 1817

The Kingdom of Bevania was a Bruellan kingdom that existed from 1223 until Bruellan unification in 1817. It was the longest surviving entity from the early Bruellan kingdoms, only being surpassed by the Principality of Torshia in 1869.