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Interstate 1 is the main transnational route for the Commonwealth of Paradise. It connects the north and south with the national capital, Johnson City and is approximately 45 miles long.


Interstate 1
Pumpkinian Parkway
1st Transnational Freeway
Route Information
Maintained by CoPDOT
Length: 45.44 miles (in Central Province)
Existed: 1965 - present
Major Junctions
South End: 25px I-1 near Cerulean
I-10.png25px25px I-10/ I-401 and NH 6 near Crownsville
I-10.png25px25px I-10, NH 3 and NH 6 near West Lubbock
25px 25px 25px I-601, NH 3 and BUS NH 3 near Clearyville
25px 25px I-2 / Rt. 19 in Johnson City
25px I-302 in Johnson City
25px NH 192 in North Paradise
North End: 25px I-1 near North Paradise
Highway system
Commonwealth Intranational Freeway System
Rt. 1

Route Description

Border to Paradise City

Interstate 1 enters the Central Province from the southwest and passes the site for an interchange to be built in the future. It curves north to the interchange with NH 49 and Route 710. The interchange is limited from the north, only allowing south to south movement, but is full access from NH 49/Rt 710, and is the only interchange where a national highway terminates in the middle of an interchange. I-1 continues around the western fringes of Cerulean, meeting NH 6, which begins its rather short multiplex with I-1 and interchanging with Route 22, the major entry arterial for Cerulean. Route 1 begins under this interchange. Before I-1 was built, it was the main road from Cerulean all the way to Johnson City, and when the freeway was built, it was severed into multiple sections. Most bits were renumbered or decommissioned, but this section, which continues with I-1 up to the next interchange-which is with it. Almost immediately afterwards I-1 interchanges with I-10 and I-401, the short Airport Frwy. I-1 is the through route in this interchange going from its north-south alignment to east-west, endimg its multiplex with NH 6 and starting one with I-10. Adopting the name Paradise Freeway, it proceeds to slice through Crownsville, an affluent suburb of Paradise City. Although it looks like the freeway divided Crownsville, this was the plan from the start, as the freeway follows the route of its predecessor, Routes 1/10. After interchanging with Route 710, a toll plaza for those crossing into Paradise City. The toll was initially in place to pay off the bridge construction costs, but the city decided to keep it. Just after the toll is an interchange with Route 125, Industrial Pkwy., which services the industrial district and seaport. the east facing ramps are tolled. The multiplexed Paradise Freeway crosses on the David Van Der Brug Memorial Bridge across the Johnson Inlet, entering Paradise City.

Paradise City

Upon touching down, the Paradise Frwy has an interchange with Route 401 / Westside Pkwy, the ring road of the island. There are plans to possibly convert Westside Pkwy to freeway standard if traffic levels increase. After this exit the freeway is flanked by frontage roads for the next 5 exits. With these, it interchanges with a local street and the inner ring road. The exit with the inner ring road has the only contrary flowing road in the country. as it carves a canyon through downtown Paradise City, the freeway curves north a block away from the main rail station. There were once ambitious plans to continue south with a freeway, but this was seen as too destructive to the downtown area. After one more exit with the ring road, the frontage roads merge back in. After interchanging with another local road, and the outer ring road, the Paradise Frwy leaves Paradise City on the Bro Bridge.

Pumpkinian Parkway

After the crossing, I-1 and I-10 immmediately part ways in a partial y interchange. This is the only interchange where I-1 TOTSOs, as the main traffic flow was thought to be between Paradise City and Whiting City, despite the Capital Corridor's project aim. Southbound, I-1 has an exit for I-10 east and NH 3/Rt 19. The exit for I-10 east was not originally constructed as traffic flows were not substantial to warrant the building of the ramps. Before, one would have to get off at then exit 19 and drive through a traffic light and two roundabouts.

After I-1 exits from I-10, it assumes the name of the Pumpkinian Parkway, named after the person who sponsored its construction. It skirts around the eastern edges of Burgess, before ending up in a rural area and heading northwest. It passes under the Clearyville bypass, and heads north on the western edge of Clearyville, having several interchanges with local roads. Of notable mention is Randall Av, a recently desgnated eastern bypass of Johnson City and quick route to Gateway International Airport from the south. After two interchanges with various local roads and Virgin Shores Unversity: Paradise, I-1 interchanges with the current western terminus of the Capital Beltway. I-1 runs parallel with I-601 for a short distance before curving north into Johnson City.

Johnson City to Province Border

Upon entering the capital, I-1 has an interchange with the old ring road of the city, Old Beltway Blvd. The exit also leads into the main route downtown, Louvenia Pike. I-1 is still three narrow lanes as it passes through the capital suburbs, and interchanges with a local road. The next interchange is with I-2 another major freeway, which also travels across the country east to west. I-1 then becomes elevated as it passes through the downtown area, having one comprehensive interchange that crosses all but one of the east-west major arteries. After one more interchange with the northeast Cardinal road, it crosses the Johnson River out of the city and into the industrial district. It interchanges with Rt 7, albeit indirectly, before interchanging with I-302, the Gateway Expressway via a double trumpet. As the former northern terminus of I-1, the interchange hasn't been changed much, except to allow access to I-302 from the north. Proceeding to the northwest, it has two half diamond interchanges with NH 3/the GNR, before continuing its northbound journey. After leaving the city lines, it has a currently unfinished interchange with what will be a future Baltidise Crossing for NH 192. It skirts around North Paradise in a multiplex with NH 192 before NH 192 exits to the east in a cloverleaf. I-1 then crosses the provincial border.



File:Paradise City-Jan. 29, 491232172548.png
Interstate 1 under construction in Paradise City.

Interstate 1 came about as a result of a study leading to the design of the Capital Corridor Project, which was to connect the then burgeoning capital city, Johnson City and Paradise City with a high speed grade separated road. The road would avoid all of the towns it came upon, providing bypasses for each of them. Its northern terminus would be north of Johnson City, so as to not burden the downtown area with traffic. Its southern terminus would be south of its multiplex with Interstate 10, where it would transition back into the national road network. Of course as no road built at the time was capable of handling that amount of traffic being deposited on it, three other freeways were planned to, at the very least, extend the distance until freeway traffic had to rejoin the national network.


The first section of interstate built was a section east of Burgess, known as the Hale Highway for a brief time. This section stretched from Route 119 to West-East Pkwy. The next section to be built was a 8 mile stretch between Route 125 and Route 201 in Paradise City. This section was built with haste since during construction, all of the routes that would cross over the freeway would be closed, forcing traffic to take massive detours. Later, the stretch between Johnson City and East-West Pkwy, between Route 119 and the eastern I-1/I-10 split, and the stretch between Route 125 and the western I-1/I-10 split was finished. In (year), the stretch of I-1 was extended from its initial terminus with I-302 to the northern provincial border, and in (year) construction finished on the stretch beyond the western I-1/I-10 split. I-1 was finally finished in (year), when road crews finished paving the stretch between Cerulean and the southern provincial border.

Future Projects

Interstate 1 and 10 in Paradise City is scheduled to be repaved and widened soon between exits 6-7-8 and exit 20 as a part of the ongoing works to bring I-1 up to code with the recently updated National Freeway and Highway Protocols. Interstate 1 between just south of exit 29 and exit 43 is also scheduled for an upgrade. It is unsure when these improvements will actually take place. However, it is confirmed additional ROW will be needed, and thus plans are delayed pending a study into its environmental impact.


Location Exit Mile Destinations Notes
Interstate 1(Southwestern Province)
1 reserved for unbuilt interchange
Cerulean 2(northbound) 25px Route 710 North, 25px NH 49 South - Cerulean, Crownsville, Hoennoake
2(southbound) 25px NH 49 south - Hoennoake
3 25px NH 6 west - New London begin concurrency with 25pxNH 6
4 25px Route 22 - Cerulean (east), New London (west) 25px Route 1 ends under interchange
signed as exits 4A-B
Crownsville 5 25px Route 1 - Crownsville
6 I-10.png Interstate 10 west - Twinton, WP
7 25px Interstate 401 north - Paradise International Airport
8 (northbound) 25pxNH 6 east - Crownsville
end concurrency with 25px NH 6, begin concurrency with I-10.png Interstate 10
9 Central Av.
10 Adangood Av.
Freeway Dr.
25px Route 710 - Crownsville,Bryson
To 25px Route 27 north - Sumter Creek
signed as exits 10A-B
Toll: Cars: $P3.50, Trucks: $P4.50
Paradise City 11 25px Route 125/Industrial Pkwy.
Johnson Inlet
12 25px Route 401 / Westside Pkwy.
begin frontage roads (all subsequent exits exit onto frontage roads)
13 Spencer Av.
14 25px Route 201 / Inner Ring Rd.
15(southbound) Franklin Av
Mulberry Av.
southbound exit only
25px Route 201 / Inner Ring Rd.
end frontage roads
17 Paradale Av.
18 25px Route 401 / 25pxNH 6 west
Kendrick Av
begin concurrency with 25pxNH 6
West Lubbock 19(northbound) I-10.pngInterstate 10 / 25pxNH 6 east
25px NH 3 south
left exit
to 25px NH 3 south
end concurrency with I-10.pngInterstate 10, 25pxNH 6
19(southbound) 25px Route 19, 25px NH 3 - Lubbock
Southern Blvd.
20(northbound) 25px Route 19 north, 25px NH 3 north / Southern Blvd. - Bayview, Burgess
20(southbound) I-10.png Interstate 10 east - Whiting City
25px NH 6 east, 25px NH 3 south - Galloway City
Burgess 21 Route 119 / Downing Rd. - Campfield
22 East-West Pkwy. - Burgess, Bayview
23 Dead Tree Valley Rd. - Brocato
24 Evenwood Rd
25(northbound) 25px Route 19 Southern Blvd. - Vermillion
25(southbound) Random Ranch Rd.
26 Green Hill Rd. To 25px NH 3 / 25px Great South Rd / Johnson Hwy.
27 25px BUS NH 3 Clearyville Blvd. - South Clearyville
Bus lane merges
28 25px Route 12 Nathan Rd. - South Clearyville, Lexington middle exit for buses only
Bus lane exits
Clearyville 29 25px Route 8 East-West Hwy - Clearyville
30 Randall Av. - Clearyville
31 Coply Rd., Mckay Av., Meridene Av., Tarbuck Rd. - Johnson City, Clearyville, Tarbuck
32 25px BUS NH 3 Clearyville Blvd., Virgin Shores Blvd. - Virgin Shores University: Paradise
33 25px Interstate 601 east - Riverside
33a(southbound) 25px BUS NH 3 south / 25px NH 3 south
34 25px Route 6 - Riverside
Johnson City 35 25px 25px Great Southeast Rd / Louvenia Pike, Old Beltway Blvd.
36 Barrett Rd.
37 25px Interstate 2 / 25px Route 19 - Braun City, Norwood
38 25px Great East Rd. / 25px Route 4 / Central Av
39 25px Great Northeast Rd. / 25px Route 102 / Louvenia Pike
40 to 25px Route 7
41 25px Interstate 302 / Gateway Frwy. - Gateway International Airport
42 25px 25px NH 3 / Great North Rd. / Louvenia Pike
43 reserved exit for 25px I-601 Capital Beltway
44 To 25px NH 192 west - New Baltimore, Barton Valley ramps to connect to as of yet unbuilt Baltidise Crossing
45 25px NH 192 east - Gateway International Airport
Interstate 1(Northern Province)