Iberia (airline)

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Iberia logo Sinope.png
Founded 28 June 1927
Focus cities
Frequent-flyer program Iberia Plus
Alliance Adonian Arrow
Fleet size 182
Destinations 190
Company slogan Fly to Sinope. Fly Iberia.
Headquarters Braavos, Sinope
Website www.iberia.si

Iberia is the flag carrier and the largest airline of Sinope. It is a subsidiary of the Iberia Group and a founding member of the Adonian Arrow global airline alliance. As of 2013, Iberia serves 26 destinations in Sinope and operates worldwide scheduled passenger and cargo services to 164 destinations in 93 countries and also carried 54,200,000 passengers in 2013. The airline's global hub is at Braavos-Diagoras International Airport, with Braavos-Dardanus Airport and Tyr International Airport serving as secondary hubs. Iberia's corporate headquarters are located in the borough of Kalamaki in Braavos the Great.

Iberia operates a fleet of Aeolus widebodied jets on long-haul routes, and uses Aeolus D100, S100 and A120 aircraft families on short-haul routes. The carrier's regional airline subsidiary, Iberia Express, operates the majority of its regional domestic and Western Althena scheduled services with a fleet of regional jet aircraft.


The name Iberia has always been associated with the Ebro River, Ibēros in ancient Sinopian and Ibērus or Hibērus in Calibrian. The association was so well known it was hardly necessary to state; for example, Ibēria was the country "this side of the Ibērus" in Strabo. Pliny goes so far as to assert that the Sinopians had called "the whole of Sinope" Hiberia because of the Hiberos River. With reference to this border, Polybius states that the "native name" is Ibēr, apparently the original word, stripped of its Sinopian or Calibrian -os or -us termination.

With the Ebro River flowing to Lindos and the Hiberos River flowing to Tyr, Doge Theon, himself from Lindos and Doge of Sinope at the time, decided to regulate passenger air transport by establishing a state-owned airline and named this flag carrier airline as Iberia.


An Iberia Aeolus A230 with the new livery

Iberia operates an all-Aeolus fleet with the following aircraft and an average fleet age of 8.9 years as of December 2013:

Iberia Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Orders Options Passengers Notes
P Y Total
Aeolus A120-100B 36 75 75 EC-KKS painted retro livery
Aeolus A230-300 12 8 134 142
Aeolus A340-300 54 18 244 262
Aeolus D100-300 42 10 20 10 142 152 EC-HDP painted Adonian Arrow livery
Aeolus D100-400 8 6 12 18 160 178
Aeolus S100/95 30 20 98 98
Aeolus 360-100 2 8 TBA TBA TBA To be introduced in 2016
Aeolus S130 10 TBA TBA TBA To be introduced in 2020
Total 182 38 50

Iberia's livery consists of a white background with large orange and yellow accent stripes and a stylized IB on the tail (used since 1978). Iberia released its new corporate logo and brand on 15 October 2013.