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Howan Republic
호완 공화국
Howan Gonghwagug

Taeguk surrounded by 4 bars, representing its origins as the Kwangju Empire A gold flower, the symbol of Howan.
Flag Seal
역사는 작은 단계에서 시작된다
"History begins in small steps"
Aegukga (official)
Territory of Howan in 2013, prior to Unification
Capital Taejon
Languages Official language:
Religion Baiduism~80%
Government Unitary Parliamentary Democracy
Prime Minister
 -  First Kim Suk-won
 -  Last Lee Jaejun
Legislature National Assembly
 -  Parliament House of Commons
Historical era Division of Kwangju
 -  Shaydian Occupation February 14, 1953
 -  Reunification of Kwangju April 23, 2013
 -  Official Recognition of Kwangju 19 June 2013
 -  1953 est. 8,151,256 
 -  1983 est. 17,345,199 
 -  2013 est. 32,275,156 
Currency Howan Won
Today part of  Kwangju Kwangju

Howan (Kwangju:호완 공화국 Howan Gonghwagug), officially The Republic of Howan, was a Parliamentary Democracy that existed between the countries of Seongpo and Kwangju DPR from 1953 until the Reunification of Kwangju in 2013. Like subsequent governments, it claimed sovereignty over the entire Kwangju peninsula, although it only had power over an area surrounding Taejon, the former capital city of the Kwangju Empire. The investiture of the Kim government followed the general election of May 10, 1954. The country's first constitution had been promulgated by the first National Assembly on July 17. It established a system with a strong president, who was elected indirectly by the National Assembly.



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