Hauptstadt Gebiet

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This is an article related to the Federal Republic of Septentria  Septentria

Hauptstadt Gebiet
—  Capital Territory  —


Coat of arms
Country  Septentria Septentria
Established (Provincial Act 1952) 25th March 1952
Seat Evelyn
 • Type Provincial Legislature
 • Premier Horst Herzog (Template:Polparty)
Population (2013)
 • Total 450,882
Time zone SWST
ISO 3166 code HG
Website www.Wüston.gov.st

The territory of Hauptstadt Gebiet, Septentria is the capital territory of Septentria. The capital of the division is Evelyn, which is the national capital and also the ninth largest city in Septentria. The territory is the only mainland territory in Septentria and has the lowest population overall, located in the Central North area of Septentria. It shares a land border with one provinces; Nord-Golf.

The province has around 1.2% of the total population of Septentria, with 99% located in Evelyn. The total population of the division at the 2013 census was 450,882.