Great Southern Kingdom

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Great Southern Kingdom of Kelhand, Duneria, and Loymon
Great Southern Kingdom
Motto: "Nam rex, Deus maius bonum"
Praeia's Location on Althenea
and largest city
Official languages Trentannian
Recognised national languages Trentannian,
Ethnic groups Kelish 56%
Loymish 21%
Dunerian 11%
Neredian 7%
Posillipian 3%
Other 2%
Demonym Praeian
Government Parliamentary consitutional Monarchy
 -  Monarch King Leon II
 -  Prime Minister Andrew O'Neil (National Conservative)
Legislature Parliament
 -  Upper house House of Lords
 -  Lower house House of Commons
Union between Kelhand and Loymon
 -  Union of Rupea March 3, 1718 
 -  Treaty of Port Richard January 1, 1915 
 -  263,618.7 km2
101,827.3 sq mi
 -  2014 estimate 59,116,599
 -  2011 census 57,544,362
 -  Density 316.3/km2
565.1/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2011 estimate
 -  Total §2.279 trillion
 -  Per capita §39,599
Currency Pounds (§)
Time zone AUT
 -  Summer (DST) AUT +1 (UTC)
Date format mm-dd-yyyy
Drives on the right
Calling code +41
Internet TLD .gsk

The Great Southern Kingdom of Kelhand, Duneria, and Loymon commonly known as the Great Southern Kingdom, GSK, or Praeia is a sealocked sovereign state located off the southwestern coast of continental Althenea. The GSK was created out of a union between the nations of Siorcanna and Kelhand, which today are simply called Kelhand, the Kingdom of Loymon, and the Fifedom of Duneria. The King of Praeia since 1986 has been King Leon II, and since 2013 the Prime Minister has been Andrew O'Neil, of the National Conservative Party. The devolved administrations are responsible for domestic affairs in the country they are in, with the administrations being based in the capital cities of Dune and Baileslow. Additionally there is three Crown Dependencies the Isle of Amach, capital Port Richard, the Isle of Norden, capital Fremmede, and the Isle of Hampshire, Capital St. Helen.

Etymology and Terminology


History before 1718

Praeia was originally a medieval stronghold of the Trentannian Kings. It was long a divided Celtic Region under tens of feudal lords. In the 1460's a revolt took place among the Celtic lords in Kelhand and the Trentannians left Praeia at the conclusion of the South Seas War. The Trentannian influence would however become rooted in Praeian Government and Culture. After the South Seas War four nations formed, Kelhand, Sirocanna, Loymon, and Duneria. In 1620, Sirocanna and Kelhand agreed to a treaty to unify under King Henry III

Union of Rupea and afterwards

The Strife

Since the 1800's, civil war has taken place in Duneria among Protestants and Catholics.



Administrative Divisions



The GSK is a Unitary parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy. The executive is lead formally by the monarch, who since 1986 has been King Leon II of Waywick, and in practice by the Prime Minister, who since March 3rd, 2013 has been Andrew O'Neil (National Conservative-Nashenwick District 2). The Prime Minister is elected from the Parliament, which consists of the upper House of Lords and the lower House of Commons. Three main parties dominate Praeian Politics, the National Conservatives, Labour Party, and the Federal Democrats.


Devolved Administrations

There are two Devolved Administrations responsible for overseeing the internal affairs of their own respective countries, the Kingdom of Loymon and the Fifedom of Duneria.

Law and criminal justice

Foreign relations



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Science and Technology




Leading population centers of the Great Southern Kingdom


Rank Core city County Metropolitan Area Population (2019) Region


1 Hampton City of Hampton Hampton Metropolitan Area 6,431,519 Kelhand
2 Dune County Briarworth Dune Metropolitan Area 4,830,325 Loymon
3 Ayswich Ceefar Ayswich Metropolitan Area 3,413,211 Siorcanna
4 Burwick Harlochestershire Burwick-Hanover Metro Area 2,115,596 Kelhand
5 Baileslow Baldaleah County Baileslow Metropolitan Area 2,055,318 Duneria
6 Harlchester Harlchestershire Harlchester Metropolitan Area 1,956,392 Kelhand
7 Bolecambe Wyeshire Bolecambe Metro Area 1,760,413 Kelhand
8 Whitehall Cynewic County Whitehall Metro Area 1,529,833 Duneria
9 St. Francis Nícuimhnigh St. Francis Metro Area 1,496,323 Loymon
10 Redwood Carmel Redwood Metro Area 1,156,938 Kelhand

Ethnic Groups





Primary and Secondary Education in the Great Southern Kingdom is among the best in the world.

Praeia is home to some of the most highly esteemed





Visual Art





Association Football is the primary sport in Praeia, and is overseen by the Football Federation. The Praeian National Team is one of the top 10 teams in the World, and the Spry Premier League is among the top three most watched leagues in the world. The Praeian Second Division is also among the most watched leagues in the world and regularly is on pace with many other top leagues throughout Westh Althenea. The FF First Division was the Premier Division of Praeian Football until 1990 when the teams in the league broke off to form the Premier League. The current highest division directly administered by the Football Federation is the FF Eagle Creek Championship. Eagle Creek is a Loymish Banking and Investment corporation.

Other Major sports in the Great Southern Kingdom include Cricket, Rugby Union, Rugby League, Boxing, Golf, and Tennis. The Super-12 is the highest Rugby Union competition in Southwest Althenea, featuring Seven Kelish sides, two Dunerian sides, a Loymish side, one Mallanese side, and one Mervegian Side. It was founded in 1979 and has grown out of Praeia every few years since it's founding. A total of 22 teams have played in the Super-12, including 12 from Kelhand, 4 from Duneria, 2 from Loymon, 1 from Mallano, 1 from Mervey, 1 from Vilnussa and 1 from Rallistan.

The Premier Tennis tournament in the world takes place each year in Burwick at Shinglebottom, The Championships at Guilford. The tournament began in 1890 and have been played at Shinglebottom every year since, except from 1945 to 1952 and 1976 when Shinglebottom was being renovated, when the tournament was transferred to the Simlympic Tennis Center in Hampton. Bradley Chamberlain is the most successful Praeian at the tournament, winning four times, in 1962, 1965, 1966, and 1969.

Motorsport has a strong tradition in Praeia, with 17 circuits in Kelhand, 1 in Loymon, 2 in Duneria, one oval in the Kellish Midlands, and the South 200 track in Duneria, outside of Baileslow and the Port Richard TT, two of the most challenging motorcycle tracks in the world, held on Country Roads. After the Great Adonian War, many RAF Airfields became disused and turned into Racing Circuits, including the Canmoor Circuit built on the former RAF Canmoor, Boyle Moor Circuit built on the former RAF Kingsport, along with eight of the remaining circuits in use in Kelhand. Six Continental Grand Prix teams are based near Canmoor Circuit in the Midlands, along with many auto manufacturers. Praeia also has it's own Touring Car and Superbike championships that are contested annually, in addition to each August's P-Car 24 Hours Race that has taken place each year since 2003 at the Canmoor Circuit.

Ice Hockey is also a popular summer sport in Praeia, with the Premier Hockey League playing

In International sporting play, in some sports, Duneria, Loymon and Kelhand play as separate teams, such as Rugby Union and Cricket. In these cases they are all huge rivals towards each other. Besides the intra-national teams, the major sporting rivals for the Praeian teams include Mallano, Posillipo, Insulo, Kuyrut and Aquilonia.

Calender of Sports in Praeia

Association Football Club Season (End) Offseason Club Season (Start)
Cup Matches Final No Cup Action Cup Matches
Rugby Union offseason Regular Season Regular Season
Ice Hockey offseason Regular Season Playoffs offseason
Motorsports competitions ongoing
Tennis competitions ongoing


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