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Continent of Euphemia
Area: n/a
Population: n/a
Population density: n/a
Demonym: Euphemian
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Time zones: na
Internet TLD: .eu
Largest cities: Metropolitan areas of Euphemia
Kuyrut Kurtilifa

Euphemia is a continent on planet Adonia, located south of the equator in the western Hemisphere. It is bordered to the south by the Anacti Ocean, to the east by the South Dacian Ocean, to the west by the Cilician Ocean, to the southwest by the Rites Sea, and to the north by Itzamna and the Allidean Sea.

Euphemia is a large continent with countries who's ancestors mainly consisted of colonists from the continent of Althena. The native inhabitants were tribes who died off from disease the Althenians brought over which spread throughout the local natives, effectively eradicating any serious resistance to Althenian colonization. Most countries on Euphemia date back to around 400-800 years old.


In 1507, Sinopian cartographer Sotiris Xanthopoulos working for Insulo, produced a world map, in which he placed the word "Euphemia" on the landmass of today's Euphemia, in the middle of what is today Oxacmela. For Xanthopoulos, no one should object to the naming of the land. He declared the discovered landmass needed a feminine name, following the examples of "Althena" and "Neridea". As he heard Insulonian sailors declaring the New World was a "good land". As it was well-spoken of, he thought it should be named after the Sinopian name Euphemia. Euphemia (Sinopian: ευφημία) is a Sinopian female given name, meaning "well-spoken". It is derived from the ancient Sinopian words ευ (good) and φημί (to speak). The diminutive Effie is a pet form of Euphemia.


Geography and extent





Euphemian Bloc

Countries, territories, and dependencies

Country or territory Area
(2013 est.)
Population density
(per km2)
 Acadia 4,130,842 111,500,000 26.99 Troy
Template:Country data Brennsland (Trent.) TBC TBC TBC TBC
Template:Country data Esdikkom TBC 272,682 TBC Kuujjuaq
 Folland 2,128,288 40,777,691 19.2 Hinali
Template:Country data Fraesia TBC 9,125,278 TBC Fraesia City
Template:Country data Gaspesia TBC 5,096,300 TBC Gaspé
Template:Country data Ivouixkaw TBC TBC TBC Sioux
 Kaskaskia TBC 6,330,125 TBC Belleville
 Kuyrut TBC 90,686,025 TBC Kurtilifa
 Mitron TBC 20,000,000 TBC Beaumont
23x15px Oxacmela TBC 145,813,644 TBC Oaxac City
 Shayden 4,865,709 205,819,491 42.3 Smith City

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