Democratic Party (Kwangju)

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Democratic Party of Kwangju

Minju dang
President Seo In-Daejun
Secretary-General Seong Won
Spokesperson Woo Jae Deok
Assembly leader Seo In-Daejun
Founded June 29, 2013 (2013-06-29)
Merger of Socialist Party of Kwangju and Progressive Party of Howan
Ideology Social democracy
Political position Left
Religion Secular
International affiliation None
Colours Blue
National Assembly
162 / 300
Provincial legistature
367 / 789
Municipal assembly members
1,573 / 2,989

The Democratic Party (Kwangju: 민주당 Minjudang) commonly abbreviated as DP, until 2013 known as the Democratic United Party (DUP), is a socially liberal political party in Kwangju. The party was established in preparation for the 2014 Kwangju elections, to select the first official government of reunified Kwangju. The party holds a majority of seats (162) in the 1st Assembly, lasting from 2014 to 2018.