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Le Beau Mont
—  Metropolis  —
Foundation 1704
 • Type Federal District
 • Mayor of Beaumont
Population (2012)
 • Total 2,256,682
Demonym Beaumontan
Time zone AUT-8

Beaumont is the capital city of Mitron. The Executive Offices, Mitronan Capitol Building, and Federal Courthouse are located in Beaumont.

The sprawl of homes in Oakdale, a suburb within the Beaumont Metropolitan Area.


Modern-day Beaumont was first discovered in the 1651, by Etruscan explorers, who named the area "Le Beau Mont", due to the view of Smith's Point from the river below. In 1704, Alexandre Abel, a wealth Etruscan, financed an expedition to settle on Osatta Island. The expedition, led by Rémi Fabron, eventually settled what is now modern-day Beaumont. Using the name from the original discovers, he deemed the new settlement "Le Beau Mont". Fabron established friendly relations with the native Ohcans, and with their help survived the initial winter. By the 1720s, the settlement had grown into a large town, becoming a key trading area and port. When the Dominion of Mitron was sold to the Trentannians, the thriving Beaumont began to face competition from Stark City, a city the Trentannians had built in order to segregate their people from the Ohcans who made up a significant portion of Beaumont's population.

Great Adonian War


Inner city Beaumont, centering on Beaumont Northern High School and Stewart Elementary School.