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Asmirivair logo.png
Founded 24 November 1962
Focus cities
Alliance Adonian Arrow
Fleet size 129
Destinations 153
Company slogan Fly to the great Asmiriva!
Headquarters Baotou F.D., Asmiriva

Asmirivair is the national carrier of Asmiriva. Founded in 1962 under the name Asmiriva Civil Aviation, the airline was established as a state-owned enterprise in April 1989. Asmirivair is headquartered in Baotou, with hubs at Agadir, Baotou, Khovd and Uliastai airports. The airline flies to 153 destinations in 60 countries, excluding codeshared services.

From its inception until the early 1990s, Asmirivair was a minor carrier within the aviation industry as it was hampered by a variety of factors including the socio-economic and political situation of the country. With the government's normalization of relations with Euphemian countries and Peilan, the airline was able to expand, improve its products and services, and modernize its ageing fleet.

Asmirivair became a member of Adonian Arrow in June 2010, making it the sole Central Althenan carrier to have joined that alliance, pending the admission of Forgian Airways.


Asmirivair Fleet
Aircraft In Fleet Orders Options Passengers Notes
P Y Total
Aeolus A120-100B 19 75 75 EC-KKS painted retro livery
Aeolus A230-300 40 8 134 142
Aeolus A340-300 10 18 244 262
Aeolus D100-300 15 15 10 10 142 152
Aeolus D100-400 25 22 16 18 160 178
Aeolus S100/95 20 43 98 98
Aeolus 360-100 1 3 TBA TBA TBA To be introduced in 2017
Total 129 81 29