Abbasid-Bergenstein relations

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Abbasid-Bergenstein relations (or Bergo-Abbasidi relations) refers to international relations between the Kingdom of Abbasid and the High Federated Kingdom of the Bergnestein States. Most analysts characterize present Abbasidi-Bergo relations as being complex and multifaceted. Abbasid and Bergenstein are usually neither allies nor enemies; but the government of Abbasid regards Bergenstein as an threat to Adonian security. Following the unification of Bergenstein, the Emirate of Abbasid opened the first modern official diplomatic relations in late 19th century. After the Kabier Revolt, the newly formed Second Emirate of Abbasid maintained limited diplomatic ties with Bergenstein. During the Great Adonian War, Abbasid was an important supporter of liberating Bergenstein. Following the establishment of the Kingdom of Abbasid in 1933, Bergenstein was one of the first nations to recognize the state, but relations quickly collapsed over the political status of Esdaad.

As of 2014, relations between Abbasid and Bergenstein have remained tense, due to the events following the Bergenstein Civil War. The inability of Bergenstein to maintain a stable government combined with Bergenstein's support to militant groups led to Abbasid's severing of relations in February 2014.

Country comparison

 Abbasid  Bergenstein
Population 33,813,562 (???) 28,496,441 (???)
Area (total area) 2,653,129 km2 (???) 254,432 km2 (???)
Population Density 12.74/km² (33/sq mi) 312.39/km² (809/sq mi)
Capital Rasheed Verwaltungstadt
Largest City Deira – 10,895,357 (13,829,073 Metro) Burgenberg – ??? (??? Metro)
Government Constitutional federal monarchy Federal monarchy
First Leader Mohammed I High King Albert
Current Leader Hamdan I None
Official languages Kabier (de facto and de jure) Bruellan, Wernacht, Trentannian, Dansk, Lithic (de facto and de jure)
Main religions 96.8% Muslim  • 3.2% Other 95.4% Christian  • 4% Muslim
Ethnic groups 53.5% Abbasidi  • 31.2% East Althenan  • 18.2% Other 76% Brullanic  • 16% Slavic  • 6% Urannic
GDP (PPP) (2014 estimate) §1.853 trillion (???) §79 billion (???)
GDP (PPP) per capita (2014 estimate) §51,160 (5th) §2,272 (???)
Gini (2012) 43.4 (???) 47.7 (???)
HDI (2011) 0.845 (very high) (???) 0.561 (medium) (???)
Currency Diyar (DR) Thauler (₮)
Expatriate populations 2,000 Abbasidi born people living in Bergenstein 1.8 million Bergenstein born people living in Abbasid
Military expenditures §68.4 billion (4th) Unknown
Military Troops 635,294 Unknown
Trentannian Speakers 25,000,000 (73.9% of the total population) Unknown (???)
Labour Forces 11.6 million Unknown
Telecommunications(Mobile Phones) 32,249,012 (89% of the population) Unknown


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